Ephraim was a special type of angel known as the Rit Zien.


Early lifeEdit

Ephraim met Castiel several years ago. He envied Castiel's fame and power, and admitted he knew Castiel failed more often than he succeeded but he always went big. He also never came to Earth before the Fall and had never had a vessel before.

Season 9Edit

After falling to Earth, Ephraim gained a vessel in the form of a man who had recently become deeply religious and a follower of the Reverend Buddy Boyle. Not understanding the ebb and flow of human pain due to his lack of interaction with humanity, Ephraim began a crusade to rid the world of pain by smiting those who were in pain. His vessel's wife was his first victim and he went on to kill four more people, drawing the attention of Castiel and Dean Winchester. While most of these people were suicidal or in bad emotional states, Ephraim also killed a girl who was simply upset over a bad breakup with her boyfriend. Ephraim eventually tracked Castiel's deep pain to a house where he was babysitting and confronted him. Castiel thought he was there for his manager Nora's baby, Tanya, as she was sick and crying, but Ephraim wasn't: he was there for Castiel's pain. After trying to reason with Ephraim, Castiel attempted to banish him but failed. Ephraim confronted him to tell him that he should be trying to help the angels get back into Heaven and prepared to smite him. He felt that by remaining human, Castiel had already given up. Dean, who had figured out what Ephraim was up to, arrived and tried to stop him, but failed and Ephraim began to smite Castiel. However, Dean slid Castiel an angel blade and he killed the misguided angel with it. The encounter left Castiel disturbed as he realized Ephraim was right about how he should be helping the angels.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ephraim possessed the standard powers of an angel.

  • Angelic Possession - Ephraim possessed the body of a devout Christian who immediately let the fallen angel in.
  • Immortality - Like any Angel, he is immune to age and illness as well as most forms of physical harm from earth based weapons.
  • Super Strength - He single-handedly overwhelmed a graceless Castiel, nearly breaking the latter's arm.
  • Telekinesis - He was able to throw Dean into a wall with only a wave of his hand.
  • Unique Smiting - As an angel of mercy, Ephraim possessed a special form of angelic vanquishing that manifested as a bright pink glow from his hand, which caused the target to explode instantaneously at the molecular level, leaving only a pink liquid substance of the remains of the target in the vicinity.
  • Advanced Healing - Ephraim could heal people. His healing powers are so profound, that even after the fall, unlike other Angels, his healing properties had not been weakened. Ephraim's primary purpose is to be a medic in the battlefields.
  • Telepathy - He could listen in on the "angel radio".
  • Empathy - He could hear the cries of pain from individuals on earth. He claims to have found Castiel in this way.
    • Pain Detection - As a Rit Zien, Ephraim could hone in on pain and suffering.


He possessed the standard weaknesses of an angel.


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