The Enochian Soul Stabilization Ritual is a ritual using Enochian magic to use the power of a being's soul to stabilize their condition and sustain their bodies.


After the death of Jack, Lily Sunder suggested using Enochian magic to save his life by using a piece of his soul to sustain his body which was being torn apart by its conflicting halves, which without Jack's grace there to maintain a balance, caused his cells to attack and destroy each other. Lily performed the ritual while Castiel traveled into Heaven and briefly resurrected Jack. Jack completed the ritual upon his resurrection, curing the condition which had resulted in his death and saving his life. However, this cure didn't appear to be permanent as Jack's condition later reoccurred and he had to use the magic to heal himself once again.

While trying to save Dean from possession by Michael, Jack suggested that he could use the magic from the ritual that was keeping him alive to tap into the power of his soul and do more to help despite the risks. During an attack on the Men of Letters bunker by Michael's monsters, Jack was able to use the magic to disintegrate the attacking monsters in a similar manner to his original angelic powers, burning away more of his soul in the process. Jack later tapped into this same power to exorcise and destroy Michael, but absorbed Michael's grace in the process which restored Jack's original Nephilim powers.

After transforming Jack into a dog, Rowena sensed the magic which had pushed back against hers and became worried. She told Sam that "its volatile magic, powerful and stitched to him like some kind of parasite."


The body of the person the ritual is being performed upon is laid out on a table with Enochian sigils drawn on the cloth around their form. Four candles are set around them and lit. The caster must stand at the head of the table and recite an Enochian incantation:

"Oh doh oh oh zah zuhm ah oh ee ah oh ee vee."

The caster appears to repeat the incantation until the person the ritual is being used upon is ready to perform their part of the ritual with an Enochian incantation of their own:

"Oh koh nuh ga ma fuh lugh guh ah oh vee ah ee ee duh luh vah oh ee vee ah ee ee duh luh vah juh ah um kah dah."

The person's eyes will then glow as part of their soul is burned away to cure their condition and permanently stabilize their body.

After EffectsEdit

The user of this ritual can subsequently utilize the magic keeping them alive to draw on the power of their souls to perform other tasks, burning up more of their soul in the process. As seen with Jack, its possible for the user to burn up their entire soul in the process.

Known UsersEdit



  • The ritual only works on a living person, requiring Castiel to resurrect Jack for it to work. Castiel himself stated that he could only bring Jack back briefly and Jack displayed the symptoms of his condition immediately upon his return. The ritual served as a cure for Jack's condition once he came back.
  • Performing the ritual is implied to take a toll on the caster even when they aren't giving up part of their own soul in it. Anubis implied that performing the ritual was what triggered Lily Sunder's fatal heart attack and that she knew it would happen. This likely would not happen with a young, healthy caster, but Lily was old and dying.
  • When Lily Sunder performs her part of the incantation, she suggests that what she is doing is opening the door for Jack with her part of the ritual.
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