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This Enochian Puzzle Box is an enchanted puzzle box that used for trapping demons.

Physical Appearance

The puzzle box appeared just like ordinary button puzzle box. Unlike other puzzle box, this puzzle box ornamented by glamorous motives and decoration. A total of 6 Enochian runes inscribed on the each button of side of the cube.

The puzzle box came with specific combination that, if properly arranged, it will closing or opening the box. If the combination is wrong, it will reset until the proper combination solved.

Season 14

At some point, Mary procured this puzzle box by unknown means. She stored it at her own lock-up.

Sometime at 2018 or 2019, Abraxas, Along with another demon, brutally slaughtered a Girl Scout troop only to be confronted by hunter Mary Winchester, saving a single member of the troop from the slaughter. Abraxas proved to be too strong for the hunter to handle so she trapped him in smoke form inside of an Enochian Puzzle Box that Mary then hid in her lock-up. Though the other demon escaped, she witnessed Abraxas' capture.

In 2019, Nick's rampage of revenge led to him capturing and torturing the demon Abraxas had been working with before his capture. The demon pointed Nick towards Mary who Nick then kidnapped to find Abraxas. Mary reluctantly led Nick to her lock-up where he kidnapped a security guard named Jeff to be Abraxas' vessel in order to be able to speak with the demon and get answers for his family's murders. Nick broke open the puzzle box with a drill, releasing Abraxas.


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