Dean: And the Enochian exorcism?
Castiel: Fake. It actually means "You breed with the mouth of a goat"... It's funnier in Enochian.
— Castiel
in 99 Problems

Enochian is the language that originated from angels. Aside from its use for communication, Enochian is used for various spellwork and rituals.

Characteristics and usage[edit | edit source]

Enochian is used by all angels. Angel memory and directives are hardwired into their brain through Enochian, as evidenced by Naomi's work with Samandriel.[1] However, it also has been used by a few other creatures as well. Lilith, the first demon, was said by Belphegor to be the only being in hell who could speak in Enochian. But at least two other high-tier demonsAlastair and Crowley — have shown the ability to use Enochian sigils as well.[2][3] In addition, Crowley has exhibited knowledge not just of the written form, but also of the spoken form of the language. Abaddon's lackeys also keyed the Winchester's Impala to leave Crowley a message in Enochian: a threat from Abaddon herself.[4] The Whore of Babylon also knew a spell using spoken Enochian.[1] Dr. Visyak, a purgatory native, has knowledge of its written form.[5] Ash, a human hacker, became fluent with the language after residing in Heaven for some time.[6]

Spoken Form[edit | edit source]

Angels communicating in Enochian as captured by Ash.

The language's spoken form is unintelligible to many beings. It could be translated to human language as evidenced when Castiel translated a fake exorcism chant to mean as 'you breed with the mouth of a goat'.[7] However, when angels use it without relying on their vessel's vocal ability, the language is akin to a high-frequency noise that could shatter glass,[8] destroy human auditory senses, or, in extreme cases and prolonged exposure, kill humans.[9] Through 'angel radio', the language sounds like unintelligible whispers, unless interpreted by someone who is familiar with the language, as demonstrated by Anna Milton when she was human.[10] Ash, a hacker who managed to tap into Heaven's system, picked up several angel conversations which featured the same high-pitch noise and whispers. 'Angel radio' could also be tapped and interpreted through the use of advanced technology. This was demonstrated by the demon Cecily from Waldroff Financial.[11] Death can speak enochian, as he was the one who taught Dean how to use the rings and open Lucifer's Cage with an enochian chant. 

Use in spells include, but are not limited to, angel summoning rituals, tracking spells, and others.

Written Form[edit | edit source]

Enochian runes on Bobby's house.

The language's written form consists mostly of symbols that resemble runes, from simple ones to elaborate symbols inscribed by circles and squares. These runes have power imbibed with their meaning, and could be used defensively to ward off angels. Written Enochian could be used for other purposes, such as creation of couples with the help of a cupid and its bow.[12] Removing the sigils or writing over the sigils could remove the effects of the sigils.[3] Enochian symbols could be written to appear invisible to the unaided eye.[2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A pre-Enochian language exists which contains a sigil that represented the Knights of Hell. Whether or not the language is completely different and separate or merely the precursor that evolved into Enochian is unknown.

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