Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions of other beings.

Characters with this AbilityEdit

  • Primordial Entities
    • The Darkness - The Darkness is able to sense the emotions of humans, and can influence them.
  • Angelic Beings
    • Archangels - Archangels can read, and feel/sense the emotions of humans.
    • Cupids - Cupids, being able to make people fall in love, it's awfully likely they can read emotions in people as well.
  • Higher Beings
    • Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Horsemen are able to read emotions and amplify them to insane degrees.
      • War - Like his brother Famine, War could read peoples' minds and thoughts. However, unlike his brother, he did not require contact to do this, he just needed to look at them.
      • Famine - Famine was able to enter Dean's subconscious, telling him "inside, you're already dead".
  • Creatures
    • Qareens - One Qareen was able to detect Dean's love for Amara by reading his heart.
    • Zannas - Zanna are able to sense the emotions of children.
  • Humans
  • Deities - Some of them, rare.
    • Paeon - After Paeon is shown the Mythmaker through Tera's tattoo, he is able to sense Lena's conflicted emotions over the existence of the girl.
    • Oblivion - She could feel the same sensations a person is feeling while she is feeding upon their memories, including pain and horror. This means that if a memory is particularly painful, it could also affect her negatively, as she was severely weakened after Sam and Dean started to relive their memories from Hell.
  • Ghosts
    • Jo Harvelle - She could sense the guilt and "all kinds of crap" Dean carried. She reveals that, after death, spirits become empathic.
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