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Emily Jorgenson is a girl who lived in the town of Burkitsville in Indiana, whose citizens sacrificed wayward travelers to a Vanir, though she knew nothing of this.


Emily was a young girl living with her aunt Stacey and uncle Harley. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 13, and she had been living with them ever since, though they told her nothing of what the town did to ensure its survival. She was first seen with her aunt and uncle in their shop, helping a lost couple find their way out of town. 

When Dean came in asking about "a friend" who went missing, Emily was the only one willing to help him. She told him what little she remembered about them, and Harley showed Dean the route they took and how to get there. 

Dean returned shortly after and asked Emily to fill up his car with gas. While doing so, she told Dean how "blessed" the little town was.  

Not long after, Emily was locked in a cellar with Dean by her Uncle, Aunt and the sheriff. She asked them why they were doing it, and her aunt replied; "for the common good." It turned out that her aunt and uncle were going to sacrifice her along with Dean to the Pagan God Scarecrow. It was here that Dean deemed that she knew nothing of the town's countless sacrifices over the years.

Stacey and Harley eventually took Dean and Emily out of the cellar and brought them to the apple orchard, where they tied them to two big trees. Emily said "I'm family" and her aunt replied, "that's what sacrifice means..." The sheriff, her Aunt and Uncle then left them alone to die.

When night fell; Sam Winchester, having stolen a car, arrived and cut Dean and Emily free, but by that time the scarecrow had already left its post.

Dean, Sam and Emily planned to outrun the scarecrow until morning when they would burn the first tree, the source of its power, but Stacey, Harley and the sheriff stopped them. Emily begged them to let them go, but Harley just told her that she had to let him (the Vanir) take her, to be his sacrifice. However, while he was talking, he failed to notice that he and his wife were more in the orchard than Emily and Dean were. And because they were also a couple, the scarecrow ended up taking them instead by stabbing him from the back and through his heart. 

Emily screamed and turned to Dean, who grabbed her and ran out of the orchard where they would be safe. As the scarecrow took a dead Harley and screaming Stacey away with him, Dean, Sam and Emily watched and swore to come back in the morning to finish what they had started. 

In the morning, Emily led Dean and Sam to the "first tree", which was the source of the Vanir's power. Sam poured gasoline all over the tree, and when Dean tried to light it, Emily insisted that she be the one that did it. 

Dean told her, "you know the whole town's gonna die?" To which Emily replied, "good", making it clear that she thought the town should be punished, and she lit the tree on fire.  

Emily was last seen getting on a bus to Boston and waving goodbye to Sam and Dean.  


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