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Emily was a witch who aided her family in their search for Rowena's magical items staff.



At some point after Rowena MacLeod's death, and because of her reputation among witches, her family decided to seek out Rowena's magical stash for their personal use, but the curse cast by Rowena upon her apartment to protect it ended up killing Jacinda.

Later, she is seen along with her mother spying Rowena's apartment via scrying. After her mother disables and captures Sam Winchester with hexing, Emily goes with him to Rowena's stash in order to force him to collect the red witch's magic belongings.

Emily stands outside Rowena's apartment, knowing full well that if anyone but Sam enters it, they will suffer the same fate as Jacinda. With a painful expression, she looks on her sister's corpse, lying bloody-faced in the living room of Rowena's apartment. Sam tries to be helpful, asking Emily if she would like him to cover up Jacinda's body. During the ensuing conversation, however, Emily tells Sam how her older sister "made [her] life hell".

Sam senses that Emily, unlike her mother, does not want Jacinda's resurrection, and so he proposes that they cooperate: Emily should steal from her mother the resurrection spell created by Rowena, and in return Sam would give her all of Rowena's magical belongings so that Emily could make a new life for herself away from her family. Emily seems to consider the idea for a moment, but soon convinces herself that Sam is trying to manipulate her; she hits the voodoo doll hard, injuring Sam.

When they are about to leave the apartment, with Sam carrying Rowena's magical items in a box, they come across Emily's mother and Dean, who's holding her hostage with a gun containing witch-killing bullets. Emily vigorously twitches the voodoo doll, torturing Sam and threatening to kill him should Dean not let her mother go.

Dean refuses, concluding that they are on a stalemate. Jacinda's ghost, however, suddenly intervenes, throwing Dean across the hall with telekinesis. Sam takes advantage of Emily's distraction and takes the doll from her. The Witch Mother then turns to him and begins to torture him with magic, ordering Emily to pick up the voodoo doll from the floor so she can join her. Both then torture Sam intensely, one with enchantments and the other with the voodoo doll.

When, however, Eileen's ghost reappears and attacks Jacinda, Dean manages to grab his weapon back; he then kills Emily with a gunshot to the chest while she was still distracted with Sam, as her mother looks on her in disbelief.


Emily was a young woman of quiet habits, hesitant speech, and sluggish movements that seem to point to a depressive mood. Her general demeanor indicates that she held a subordinate position in her family, as was made clear in her conversation with Sam. In particular, it was explained in detail how her older sister, Jacinda, relentlessly bullied Emily, who seemed to have no recourse against her: she turned Emily invisible for a week, transformed her first crush into a water balloon and popped him, tried to sell Emily's soul to a demon, killed Emily's pet bunny Steve to use his bones for a spell — and turned Emily's tongue into a snake when she yelled at her, leaving her younger sister's face permanently scarred when the snake bit her.

When Sam offers to cover up Jacinda's dead body, Emily simply asks him if he finds her sister pretty, as "[e]veryone thinks she's pretty" — a strong hint that Jacinda was the more popular of the two sisters and that Emily saw herself as living under her sister's shadow, envying her.

It may also be presumed that the Witch Mother imposed fierce discipline on her, as Emily was afraid to cross her and assert her independence even when so doing was in her best interests.

Emily, however, also seemed to possess a sadistic streak. Despite pouring her heart out to Sam, she never showed him any mercy during his predicament and, instead, treated him with contempt throughout their interactions. She even seemed amused one of the times she hit the voodoo doll to cause him pain.

Powers and Abilities[]

Emily was likely capable of performing a variety of spells, but only one of her abilities was shown or described in the show:

  • Voodoo - It appears that it was Emily who manufactured a voodoo doll of Sam, made of what looked like twigs and twine and borrowing some of his hair. By striking, contorting, or pinching the doll, Emily caused Sam strong pain.