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Elysian Fields Hotel

The Elysian Fields Hotel.

Elysian Fields Hotel was a fake hotel located in Muncie, Indiana. It was held as a meeting point for the deities.

Season 5[]

Mercury re-constructed an abandoned hotel, effectively resulting in the creation of Elysian Fields Hotel. Mercury acted as the primary desk-clerk for this resort. His contributions and activities included signing people in and out of the hotel. Sam and Dean were later trapped and held hostage here by Mercury and the other deities, seeking to end the Apocalypse. (("Hammer of the Gods"))

SPN 0048

Sam and Dean arriving at the hotel.

However, Mercury ultimately decides to stop the ongoing conflict between the deities by summoning Lucifer to the hotel. This turns out to be a big mistake, for Lucifer holds a strong distaste for pagan gods, and proceeds to kill every single one of them, only failing to kill Zao Shen (who is killed by Dean) and Kali (who is rescued by Gabriel).

Gabriel himself is also "killed" by Lucifer for trying to get in his way, but later is discovered that Gabriel faked his own death.