Elvis Katz was a hunter and friend of Asa Fox.

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Elvis Katz was among the many hunters who went to Canada to attend Asa Fox's wake. At the wake for Asa Fox, Elvis meets Dean Winchester and is thrilled to meet his brother Sam Winchester. He wanted to learn more about him and what it was like to be possessed by Lucifer, much to Sam's discomfort. He claims he learned about Sam's possession from a friend who knew Garth. Max Banes interrupts Elvis and tells him to go.

The wake is interrupted when the demon Jael, whom Asa had been hunting, and whom it is presumed killed him, slits the throat of hunter Randy Bull and hangs him from the ceiling above Asa's body. Those present at the wake, realize that the demon is possessing each of them in turn. Realizing that Jael has trapped them in the home, the group decide to split up in pairs and search the house for any other people who may be possessed. Elvis stays behind with Lorraine, and goes to get her a stiff drink. When he comes back Dean comes barreling through the front door, as Dean assures Lorraine that he is not possessed, Jael reveals himself to have taken possession of Elvis. When Dean tries to exorcise him he snaps Elvis' neck, and escapes up the stairwell.

The next morning after Jael has been sent back to Hell, the remaining hunters salt and burn Elvis' body alongside Asa and Randy Bull.


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