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Ellsworth, a black-eyed demon, was seen as the counterpart of Bobby Singer. This demon worked for Crowley and organized other demons on the capture of different monsters for information on Purgatory. Ellsworth also masqueraded as a superior from the FBI, much like how Bobby did. Aside from using conventional phone calls, he was also seen to utilize multiple Goblets of Blood. He presumably possessed the abilities of other regular black-eyed demons.

In a flashback from The Man Who Would Be King, Sam and Dean Winchester tried to uncover why demons were so interested in capturing monsters. The Winchesters found out from another demon that a demon named Ellsworth not only organized monster hunts, but also knew Crowley's location. Castiel, wanting to prevent the hunters from knowing the connection between himself and the King of Hell, went ahead of them so that he could clean the place out before they arrived. This way, the Winchesters could never get to Crowley. Upon seeing the angel storm his base of operations and smite his fellow demons, Ellsworth tried to escape his vessel, but was forced back by Castiel and smote.


  • Ellsworth is a tribute to Jim Beaver's character on Deadwood.