Being a little flighty I can handle. Being related to the biggest genocidal maniac of all time, I don't think so.

Eleanore "Ellie" Grant is the great-great-grandniece of Adolf Hitler.



Ellie Grant was born into the bloodline of Adolf Hitler, making her one of his relatives. Her parents put her up for adoption and Ellie was subsequently raised by an unnamed woman, whom Ellie came to believe was her real mother. This woman claimed their family could be traced back to the Mayflower, the ship that brought over the first white settlers to the America.

Season 12Edit

At some point, Ellie entered into a relationship with someone but chose to break it off when the other person proposed to marry her. She decided to hook up with a man named Nick, despite prior warnings not to and the fact that she was extremely nervous about doing this.

Meanwhile, The Thule Society had located the pocket watch which contained Hitler's soul. Their plan was to resurrect him under the project dubbed "Das Blut". Part of the project required the blood of Hitler's descendant. It is implied that Hitler has many descendants, but they chose to go after Ellie because she lived in the same state where the watch was found, Ohio.

Two members of the Thule Society, Commandant Nauhaus and his son Christoph, arrived at Ellie's apartment and incinerated Nick while Ellie tried to flee. Nick's death alerted Sam and Dean Winchester to the area and when Christoph dragged Ellie into a police car, Sam and Dean spotted Ellie screaming for help in the backseat. The brothers managed to intercept them and rescue Ellie, while Christoph was tied to a chair and forced to tell the truth on pain of death.

When Christoph revealed the reason the Thules wanted to get their hands on Ellie, Ellie did not believe him, pointing out her mother's story about her ties to the Mayflower, though Christoph proved to be telling the truth when he revealed very personal secrets about Ellie's life, and told her about her adoption.

Ellie was left distraught by the news. Sam tried to comfort her by comparing her fate to that of his—being Lucifer's vessel. However, Ellie did not believe in The Devil and considered Sam's story to be a complete joke. 

Just then, Commandant Nauhaus and two other Thules arrived and freed Christoph. The Winchesters managed to fight the two men off, but Ellie escaped through a window and ended up on the street, where she was found by Nauhaus. She was taken to an airplane hanger where Nauhaus transferred her blood into him so he could become Hitler's vessel.

Upon resurrection, the Führer ordered Ellie to be bled dry and fed to the dogs, but the Thules did not have any dogs. A moment later, Sam and Dean arrived, only to be captured and disarmed by Hans and Wolfgang. Hitler introduced himself to the brothers, while he and his underlings paid Ellie no attention.

Despite feeling weak and dizzy, Ellie was able to pick up Sam's gun and shoot Hans in the head, killing him. This provided a good enough distraction for Dean to kill the rest, along with the Führer, while Sam rushed to her side.

Afterwards, Ellie thanked Sam and bid him farewell. She departed with plans to become a med school student, something she originally abandoned. 



  • The real-life Hitler never had any children but did have siblings and half-siblings, who had children. Legends say he had a sexual relationship with his half-niece, who allegedly committed suicide around the time Hitler became Reich Chancellor.
  • As Hitler's descendant, Ellie's background could be traced back to Austria.
  • Ellie is known for running away a lot during difficult situations. This is ironic given the actress, Allison Paige also portrayed Trajectory (in The Flash), a character best known for running at super speed.
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