Elle was a woman who worked at Raul's Girls.


Elle was one of a handful of women captured by demons and forced into prostitution so they could trade sex for souls. Elle was present at the brothel when the witch Rowena burst in and killed the leader Raul with a hex bag, while the other demon, Gerald, fled from his vessel. She and Caitlin were offered to join Rowena and tag along.

Rowena took the girls to a fancy restaurant. She demonstrated her magical abilities by putting a spell on the waiter who wanted them to leave, but then decided to give them top service. Rowena explained that she was a witch, which excites Caitlin, who asked to be taught magic, much to Rowena's delight. When the waiter died as a side-effect of the magic, the three women fled the restaurant.

Inside Rowena's hotel suite, she prepared the girls for their first test, and ordered them to cast a spell on the hotel manager she believed was at the door. However, it turned out to be demons waiting, who promptly took the three as prisoners. Sam and Dean Winchester arrived and rescued them, before setting their sights on the witch. Rowena cast an Attack Dog Spell on Elle, allowing her and Caitlin to flee.

Elle advanced on Sam, while Dean went after the pair. Sam managed to lock her inside a closet. Elle banged on the door to try and get out. Sam opened the closet once the noise stopped, only to witness Elle suffer the side-effects of the spell, which caused her to bleed profoundly and die.



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