Elizabeth Higgins was a kind and powerful witch who unknowingly sold her soul to a demon in exchange for her magical powers.


Early History Edit


Elizabeth's heart being stopped

Elizabeth Higgins was tending to her garden when her neighbor Amanda showed up. She asked why see was not at book club the night before. She then asked if she was ok. Later, Sam and Dean asked her questions about Amanda. They then notice how the flowers she was growing were out of season, then deducing that she was a witch.

Season 3 Edit

At the next book club meeting she asked her friends Renee and Tammi why they killed Amanda. They said it was because she went insane. So they continued with the meeting. Later on, Sam barges into the house with the Colt and holds them at gunpoint.

She found out that her friend Tammi was being possessed by a demon, and that she sold her soul to the demon. She then watches as the Demon snapped Renee's neck. The demon then threw Sam into the wall and does the same to Dean when he runs in.

Elizabeth watched as Astaroth pinned the boys to the wall and began to torture them. She grabbed pins from the table and cast a spell on the demon, stopping Astaroth from killing the Winchesters, as the demon started to cough up blood and the pins.

The demon then stopped her heart, killing her. Elizabeth collapses onto the table, dead. Her death was later avenged when Dean killed Astaroth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hex Casting - Elizabeth was able to hex Astaroth, making her cough up pins.
  • Biokinesis - She could influence the vegetation in some degree, making herbs to grow out of season.


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