Elijah was a penitent angel whom Castiel contacted.


He told Castiel how penitent angels were living humbly among humans but this angered Bartholomew. Elijah was paying respects to his friend Rebecca, who led the penitents. Elijah left in a hurry, wanting to avoid Bartholomew's angels, who were on the hunt for remaining penitent angels. Sure enough, shortly after Elijah fled, angels from Bartholomew's faction arrived and captured Castiel.

Elijah was later captured by Bartholomew's angels. Although initially tortured for information by Bartholomew himself, Elijah's true purpose was used as a test devised by Bartholomew for Castiel to prove his dedication. After Castiel refused to agree, Bartholomew stabbed Elijah in the stomach, killing the penitent.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elijah possessed the standard abilities of a regular angel.




  • IMDb lists his name as Eliah.
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