Eli Frankenstien was a cousin to Jacob, Eldon, and Cyrus Styne (Frankenstein), and nephew to Monroe Styne (Frankenstein).

Season 10Edit

After Eldon is chewed out by his father and given new orders to clean up his mess and find the Winchesters, Eli questions his uncle giving such important tasks, given his questionable judgement. Monroe brings up Eli's own issues, like having shirked his duties in tracking down Charlie Bradbury, a task that was passed on to him after Jacob's death. He orders Eli to report in with Eldon and back his effort before dismissing him.

Eli is able to finally track Charlie down to the Blackbird Motel, and calls his cousin Eldon. Once Eldon arrives at the motel, Eli hangs back as his cousin goes to confront Charlie in her motel room

As Cyrus Styne leaves school, he is accosted by a bully, but stands up to the bully by making fun of him. When the bully retaliates by knocking down Cyrus, it prompts Cyrus's cousin Eli to intervene. However Cyrus lies to his cousin about there being a problem and leaves. Some time later Eli follows the bully and kidnaps him for laying hands on his cousin, the bully is brought to the Styne family home by Eli, where he is to be Cyrus' first harvest.

When Dean locates the Styne family home, he is ambushed by Eli who knocks him out by suffocating him with a plastic bag. When Dean comes to, strapped to a table in the operating room, he warns Eli and Monroe that the Mark of Cain won't let him die and if he does die he will be brought back as a demon and kill everyone. Undeterred by this info, Eli bounds Dean's mouth and continues to mock Dean until Dean is able to break free of the restraints and slashes Eli's throat, killing him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although he can be considered as a magic practitioners, his power and abilities are not shown much. He appears as capable tracker, demonstrated by his ability to track Charlie Bradbury.

  • Body Enhancements - He has a certain degree of bioengineering skills and medical and surgical knowledge to harvest organs from his victims and implant it to enhance himself to a certain degree.
  • Enhanced Durability - As a result of various body enhancements, he has a certain degree of enhanced durability and presumably various enhanced physical attributes.
  • Supernatural Knowledge - As one of the members of the Styne family, he may have a certain degree of knowledge of supernatural things.


He has the standard weaknesses of the Styne Family.

  • Throat slicing - The only way shown to kill him. Dean killed him with slashing his throat with a surgical knife.


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