Raphael manifesting

Arcs of electricity

Electrokinesis or electric manipulation is the ability to conjure or manipulate electricity. It is not the same as electromagnetic interference which is a more passive ability and occurs as a side effect of a being's presence or mood, rather than occurring by their will.

It seems angels and demons are only able to manipulate preexisting electrical currents, while archangels, in this case Raphael, are able to actually generate currents of electricity.

Electronic manipulation or technology manipulation is the ability to manipulate electronics and machinery.

Characters with this abilityEdit

Characters who can actually generate electricityEdit

  • Amara - She created magical lightning powerful enough to turn humans into charred skeletons. She also used electricity to torture Lucifer.
  • Raphael - Extremely talented practitioner. Was able to generate arcs of electricity.
  • Witches - Some to a degree.
  • P.T. Sandover - (as a ghost)
  • Scott Carey - A Special Child who had the ability to fry the things he touched via electricity.
  • Zeus - As Greek god of the sky, lightning and thunder, Zeus could generate and manipulate electricity. He used this in fights and to torture others.[1]

Objects with this abilityEdit

  • Mjölnir - This hammer can generate electricity when killing a deity.

Electronic ManipulationEdit

Characters who can manipulate electronicsEdit

  • Castiel - Able to switch off all the car alarms with a wave of his hand.[2]
  • Crowley - Able to switch off a TV by snapping his fingers.[3]
  • War - Able to cause all forms of electronic communication over a radius of a few miles to fail.
  • Crocotta - Able to manipulate things such as phones, and computers, even to the level where they can make a toy phone pick up calls. They do however require something that is connected to what they're manipulating to do this though.
  • Cain - He caused all the lights to turn off when he was inside a prison to kill a person.
  • Fred Jones (formerly) - He could change TV channels with a gesture however, his abilities were stripped by Castiel.
  • Lucifer - Able to switch off a fire alarm.
  • Jack - Able to affect devices such as lights and make a vending machine dispense a candy bar by touching the side of it with his hand.

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  • Some creatures are vulnerable to electricity. The Khan worm, for example, and the Rawhead can be killed by electricity.


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