Electrocution is the act of passing an amount of electricity through a being, whether it be non-fatal or fatal. Electrocution is a useful tool against some monsters such as Rawheads, the original variant of the Khan worm and Rabids.


Electrocution is shown to have no effect on Alphas. When it was tried against the Alpha Vampire, all he did was mock the hunters trying it.


Electrocution was one of the means by which the Darkness tortured Lucifer while she held him captive.


In humans, electrocution can have varying effects depending on the amount used on the person. Through a defibrillator it can potentially be used to restart a person's heart while milder doses such as through tasers can be used to stun a person and render them unconscious. Massive doses can be fatal to the person.

Occasionally, a human can be affected when electrocution is used as a weapon against a monster. Sitting in a puddle of water while using electrocution to kill a Rawhead caused hunter Dean Winchester to receive a fatal dose of electricity. While the electrocution wouldn't immediately kill Dean, it left fatal damage to his body. Similarly, killing the original khan worm required such great amounts of electricity that it had the potential to kill the Khan worm's vessel.

Khan wormsEdit

Electrocution is the only known effective weapon against the original khan worm. A small electric shock forced it from its vessel and was an effective means of determining who the khan worm was possessing. By tying tape around its vessel's ears, the khan worm was unable to escape and was rendered completely vulnerable to electricity which acted as an effective torture instrument. Enough electrocution to the khan worm's vessel while he was possessed was able to kill it, but nearly proved fatal to the vessel as well.

Unlike the original khan worm, the variant khan worm is not vulnerable to electricity. One that was inside of Cole Trenton was completely unaffected by an electrocution, forcing the Winchesters to find another method to deal with it.


In an attempt to find the Leviathans weakness, hunter Bobby Singer tried electrocution on the captured Leviathan Chet. However, it had no other effect than to earn Bobby Chet's mocking.


Despite Jack's great power, Sam Winchester was able to render him unconscious with a taser blast. It should be noted though that Jack was chronologically less than a day old during the encounter.


Electrocution is the only known method of killing Rawheads. Continuous exposure to electricity from a taser will kill a Rawhead. However, if the Rawhead is standing in a puddle of water while it is electrocuted, the shock can pass through it and into the hunter as well if the hunter is standing in the same puddle. This will give the person an ultimately fatal electric shock.


Electrocution is an effective weapon against Rabids. When hunter Sam Winchester used a makeshift cattle prod against one, it was rendered unconscious immediately.

The Wicked WitchEdit

Electrocution is mentioned as one of the methods Dorothy Baum used to try to kill the Wicked Witch. However, she was completely unaffected by it.



  • Electrocution has been used to temporarily kill each of the Winchesters at least once. In Mystery Spot, electrocution was one of the many ways Gabriel used to kill Dean while Sam was in a time loop. In Wishful Thinking, a wish resulted in Sam getting struck by lightning before the Tiamat Coin was removed from the wishing well and all of the wishes were reversed.
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