Eleanor Holmes claimed to be the mother of Brick Holmes.

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Sam and Dean Winchester visited Eleanor in Boulder, Colorado in the course of their investigation of deaths involving recipients of her son Brick's organs. He was a star quarterback who had been killed in a single car accident the previous year. Unsatisfied with her answers to their questions, Sam and Dean returned to her home that night when she was not there to investigate further. They found what appeared to be a bedroom that she had shared with Brick, as well as a hidden room filled with decades worth of sports memorabilia and personal correspondence. They found that the photos, while of particular stars of different sports, all seemed to resemble Brick. Also, the letters were all addressed lovingly to someone named "Betsy". Sam spotted a decades-old photo of Brick, as Boxer Kelly Durand, with his wife Betsy. The boys recognized the woman to be Eleanor.[1]

Sam and Dean confronted Betsy with the truth the next day, and Dean implored her to help. She revealed that Brick was actually an ancient Mayan named Inyo, who had been born nearly one thousand years before. In order to keep his youthful athleticism, Inyo had made a deal with the god Cacao, and had offered him the sacrifice of two hearts every year—one at the beginning of planting season and one at the beginning of harvest season. She swore that she did not know about the murders committed in the year since Brick had died, and thought that the sacrifices would end when he died. She explained that they met in the 1940s, and that by the time she had learned what and who he was they were so deeply in love that she chose to ignore it. They had laid low for a few years at a time in between his various careers, then reemerged, and then he would rise to the top of a different sport. As she reached her 40s and he remained young, they had started to pose as mother and son. He knew that Betsy would die someday and leave him alone again in the world, and that realization drove him to suicide.[1]

Though Dean and Sam were prepared to find and deal with the eight people that received Brick's organs, and therefore parts of his consciousness bound to his deal with Cacao, before they could perform their sacrifice, Betsy told them that if they could just destroy Brick's still-beating heart, the curse would end for all of them. She knew that Randa Moreno had received Brick's heart, and Randa had warned Betsy to keep quiet.[1]

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