Eldon Frankenstein was a member of Styne Family, a family which has consisted consisted of magic practitioners for several generations.


Eldon Styne is the son of Monroe Styne, and brother to Jacob Styne. Like all members of the Styne family, Eldon has had enhancements done to his body such as implanting a second heart and adding extra muscles to his legs, allowing his body to be more durable and allowing for enhanced strength. After Jacob's death, Eldon started getting sloppy, leaving a body and witness behind when he harvested eyes from a girl. As a result, his father, Monroe was furious with him and tasked him with finding the Book of the Damned. Finding the Winchesters investigating his murder, Eldon follows them and attacks Dean with the help of another family member only to have Dean kill the other man and capture him. Held prisoner in the bunker's dungeon, Eldon tells Dean the history of Styne Family and that the Book cannot be destroyed. When Dean is distracted by the information, Eldon rips off his own arm and escapes. After learning that his cousin Eli found Charlie Bradbury, Eldon decides to confront her himself. After Charlie refuses to give him the Book, Eldon brutally murders her. Afterwards, he tells his father of the stash in the Men-of-Letters Bunker and watches as his little brother Cyrus kills a boy who was picking on him and gets the boy's arm. Monroe sends Eldon, Cyrus and Roscoe to raid the bunker for the stash and to destroy what they can't take. Eldon prepares to burn Dean's things with the books after making fun of them, but Roscoe is killed by a returned Dean. Eldon mocks him over Charlie's death until Dean informs him that he killed Eldon's entire family in revenge. Telling Eldon he may have several hearts and other organs but just one brain, Dean shoots him in the head, killing him.

Power and Abilities

Although he can be considered as a magic practitioner, his power and abilities are not shown much. Being capable to be tasked in searching the Book of the Damned, he may be the one of the most powerful magic practitioners in that community.

  • Enhanced Durability - He was able to jump out of a third story building and land without a problem. He was also mostly unaffected by the blood loss of ripping his own arm off.
  • Enhanced Strength - Showed a degree of superhuman strength, able to life a grown man above his head and rip his own arm off. He also easily kicked in the bunker's door.
  • Enhanced Agility - He has enhanced agility, able to casually leap out of a third story building and land gracefully.
  • Supernatural Knowledge - He has a certain degree of supernatural knowledge. He recognized the Mark Of Cain and knew the contents of the Book of the Damned. He also knew about his family history through the ages from ancient times until present.


He has common weaknesses of Styne family

  • Massive Brain Damage - As he has only one brain, Eldon was able to be killed by a shot to the head. Single headshot instantly killed him.


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