This unnamed man worked for the Styne Family and accompanied Eldon Frankenstein of his mission to kill the Winchesters.


At some point, he started working for the Styne Family, in particular Eldon. As part of his service, the man received the Styne Family's bio-enhancements.

When Eldon was sent after the Winchesters, this man accompanied him. The two ambushed Dean Winchester outside a pizza parlor, pulling their vehicles into the opposite sides of the alley to keep Dean from reaching the Impala and escaping. Drawing his gun and firing a shot into the air, Dean demanded that Eldon's henchman stop which he seemingly did as Eldon emerged from his car. As Dean was distracted by the man walking towards him again, Eldon kicked Dean to the ground from behind, causing Dean to lose his gun. The man grabbed Dean from behind who was unable to break his grip. In response, Dean draws a knife and stabs Eldon's henchman in the leg, causing him to let go of Dean. Dean then stabbed the man in the side of the neck, killing him and allowing Dean to capture Eldon.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to the bio-enhancements he received from the Styne Family, the man had superhuman abilities.

  • Enhanced Durability - Like everyone else who had received bio-enhancements, the man was extremely durable and difficult to kill.
  • Enhanced Strength - Due to his bio-enhancements, the man had an enhanced level of strength. He was able to effortlessly restrain hunter Dean Winchester who was unable to break his grip.


Due to his bio-enhancements, he possessed few weaknesses.

  • Massive Neck Injury - Dean Winchester was able to kill the man by stabbing him in the side of the neck with a knife.


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