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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Eisheth originally was an angel who fell in love with Lucifer and joined him in his rebellion.


After falling from grace, she was born as a human from Lilith's mother, making her Lilith and Agrat's sister. During her life as a human, she regretted what she did in heaven but at that exact moment Abbadon turned her into a demon and imprisoned her. She was released during the events of War of the Sons and attempted to destroy the War Scroll. To stop Abbadon, the Winchesters allowed her to possess Sam before they destroy the War Scroll. Abbadon transported them to the present where Eisheth engaged Abbadon in battle. Due to the danger to Sam, Dean called upon Castiel who summoned five more angels who kill Abbadon. Castiel then teleported Dean, Sam, and Eisheth to safety. To Eisheth and Castiel's shock, Dean ordered Castiel to let Eisheth live, holding up his end of their bargain despite the fact that it could have backfired. Eisheth then took a new vessel and departed.


  • Along with Azazel from the Anime series, she is one of only known Angels to have lost her grace, therefore becoming human and then going to Hell and having her human soul turned into a demon.
    • Curiously, all the demons with this past are non-canon.
    • She is also one of two known Angels to lose her grace and never recover it, the other being Metatron.
  • She is the first known angel (chronologically) to reincarnate as human after she lost her grace. The second one is Anna Milton.
  • She seemed to be very powerful for a demon, able to go toe to toe with Abbadon, a powerful, yet fallen, angel.
  • It is unknown what became of her as Crowley went on to wipe out all of those who were loyal to Lucifer.