Eileen Elizabeth MacCormack was a young woman who was murdered by Eldon Frankenstein for her eyes.

History[edit | edit source]

Eileen had perfect eyesight and she and her friends took part in several different clinical studies for money as they are all on budgets and the money really helps with college.

After learning about a research study on eyesight in Omaha, Nebraska, Eileen visited the building after hours. In the office, Eileen was greeted by Eldon Frankenstein who looks over Eileen's resume. Telling Eileen that "everything seems to be in order," Eldon takes a closer look at her eyes. Eldon tries to kiss her, causing Eileen to begin yelling. This draws the attention of a nearby janitor. Drawing a small knife, Eldon slits Eileen's throat, killing her. As the janitor approaches, Eldon quickly cuts out Eileen's eyes for use by the Styne Family and flees out the window.

After Eileen's murder, Eldon is berated by his father Monroe who accuses Eldon of wanting "a quickie" with Eileen before harvesting her eyes. Monroe is also angry that Eldon left behind a witness and as Eli points out, a body. Eldon blames his sloppiness on his brother's recent death, but Monroe won't hear Eldon's excuses and orders him to clean up his mess.

Eileen's murder and the suspicious circumstances behind Eldon's escape draws the attention of hunter Dean Winchester. Investigating the murder, the Winchesters realize that the Styne Family is behind it upon seeing the family crest on Eldon's arm in the security footage.

After capturing Eldon, the Winchesters interrogate him. Dean's first question is whether or not Eldon murdered Eileen. Eldon admitted that he did, stating that the situation with Eileen was "unfortunate." Eldon explains that the Styne Family harvests organs for surgical enhancements upon themselves and they usually don't leave bodies behind as he did with Eileen.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While she is only referred to as Eileen in the episode, the news article Dean is reading gives her full name. It also lists her age as 18 and her being from Omaha. The article states that the police believe Eileen's murder to be an organ harvesting or ritualistic killing and her eyes harvested by a professional.
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