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Your'e my daughter. I've never forgotten that. I just wish I had come sooner. I'll never leave you again... promise... never again. You're my life.
Edgar reuniting with his daughter
in Darkness Calling
Edgar Baker was a character from Supernatural: The Anime Series.

History Edit

Edgar lost his wife when a demon entered his daughter's nursery and fed her demon blood. His wife tried to stop the demon, but was killed.

Edgar tried to raise his daughter alone, but he knew there was something wrong with her, so he left.

Years later, in the episode Darkness Calling, John Winchester approached him and urged him to protect his daughter, who was being pursued by the very demon that killed his wife. Edgar at first was reluctant, being fearful of the demons, even attempting to ditch John to escape a horde of demons. This all changes when he saw Azazel with his daughter. Edgar put his fear aside and did everything in his power to fight the powerful demon, shooting it with Palo Santo Arrows that John gave him earlier. All three managed to make Azazel flee, mainly by Lily using her special powers to exorcise the yellow-eyed demon.
Azazel possesses Edgar (Anime)

Edgar possessed by Azazel.

Later, he and his daughter were staying in a hotel room, when their reunion was cut short when Azazel attempted to possess Lily, forcing Edgar to push her out of the way and become possessed himself.

Lily was forced to kill Edgar, and this drove her to believe she was better off alone.

Personality Edit

Edgar was a normal man who was thrusted into the world of the paranormal. After seeing Azazel feed his daughter demon blood, and then murder his wife, he convinced himself it was a dream, and denied the event, unlike John Winchester who sook out answers.

Overall, Edgar appeared to be a cowardly man for most of his life, being too frightened to intervene even when his own daughter was being fed blood and his wife was being murdered. Even later when John Winchester confronts him to save his daughter he is reluctant.

That being said, when he saw his daughter being confronted by the demon, he managed to get over the fear that held him for so long and put his life on the line for her, which eventually cost him his own. In the end, Edgar did really love his daughter, putting himself through possession and danger to save her, most likely knowing he would die.

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  • Edgar is an anime-only character.

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