Congratulations. Apparently you two are competent enough to warrant annihilating. I'd take it as a compliment.
— Edgar, speaking to Sam and Dean
in Hello, Cruel World

Edgar was a high ranking Leviathan who served as Dick Roman's right-hand man.


Season 7

SPN 0234

Edgar becomes possessed by a Leviathan.

The human Edgar was first possessed by a Leviathan after they all escaped into the public water supply. Edgar came to meet the Leviathan possessing the little girl to talk about the mission assigned to them by an unknown boss. He tells her the Boss is not pleased about an incident involving two other Leviathans feeding carelessly and drawing human attention. He warns the girl to get the other Leviathans in the area in line since the boss "doesn't like bad news".


Edgar revealed to be a Leviathan

After the Leviathan in the little girl has taken the form of Dr. Gaines, Edgar brings the two possessed high school students to him. He also tells Dr. Gaines that the boss gave him some business to take care of, which turns out to be taking out Bobby, Sam, and Dean. He torches Bobby's house and fights Sam and Dean in the lot until Dean drops a car on him. He is later seen reabsorbing the black liquid that had oozed from him when he was crushed.[1]

SPN 0415

Edgar talks with Chet.

After surviving the battle between Sam and Dean, Edgar is currently hiding out at a local restaurant when he receives a call from Chet telling him that found the possible location of Sam and Dean from a credit card purchase somewhere in Montana. Edgar simple tells Chet to follow up on this possible lead of where Sam and Dean are located. Edgar later receives another call from Chet confirming the location of Sam and Dean and that he plans to pursue them.

While Dean sleeps off the effects of the turducken goo, Sam and Bobby stake out the Biggerson's Restaurant's warehouse. A car pulls up and out steps Edgar, getting a hooded figure out of the trunk, and forcing him inside the warehouse.


Edgar and Dr. Gaines.

The hooded figure is the Biggerson's waiter Brandon, and he has developed the same hyper-aggressive behavior as Gerald Browder. In the warehouse, Edgar greets the Leviathan Dr. Gaines and tells him that he needs to be more careful because the adverse reactions that some people, like Gerald and Brandon, have to his formula are drawing attention. Dr. Gaines seems optimistic about his experiments, even his failures, but Edgar warns him that Dick Roman is coming and that he needs to burn his "mistakes." Later, he and the other Leviathans get sprayed with Borax by the Winchester brothers who attempt to rescue Bobby from Dick.[2]

SPN 0154

Edgar gets a call from Dick.

Edgar was planning the construction of Dick Roman's human-slaughterhouses, as well as questioning Dick's choice of name, when he receives new orders to look for the newly-chosen prophet, Kevin Tran. He shapeshifts into a detective to find Kevin. While at Kevin's home he is speaking with Kevin's mother when he suddenly appears in the company of two very low-level angels. Edgar swiftly kills them both while making witty lines about how leviathan beats angel, then shifts back to his "normal" form and smiles malevolently at Kevin and his mother who cower in terror.[3]

Dick Roman dispatches him to deal with their vampire "allies". He first goes to the Alpha Vampire's house, where he finds a single vampire minion. He asks where the Alpha is, and when the vampire attacks him, Edgar easily overpowers him. He then briefly morphs into the vampire's form, thus absorbing his knowledge, then kills the vampire and leaves.


Edgar mocks the Alpha Vampire

Edgar then meets with the Alpha Vampire at his retreat and upon arriving, senses that Sam and Dean Winchester are there as well. The Alpha Vampire offers to hand them over, but first questions Edgar over the Winchesters' claims that the Leviathans are trying to exterminate the vampire species by tainting the blood of the human population. Edgar initially denies this, but when the Alpha demands to know why the Leviathans aren't helping to cure the mysterious plague ailing the vampires, Edgar admits that they have no interest in helping the vampires at all. In fact, the Leviathans intend to exterminate every other supernatural species that preys upon humans, thus eliminating the competition. The Alpha protests that they are related species, as the vampires were created by Eve. Edgar dismisses this and calls Eve a "whore". The Alpha Vampire angrily attacks him with Borax, but Edgar shakes it off and overpowers the Alpha.


Edgar's severed head.

Suddenly Dean bursts into the room and attacks Edgar from behind. Edgar blocks the attack, but then Sam also appears behind him and cuts Edgar's head off. Before leaving, the Winchesters advise the Alpha Vampire not to leave Edgar's severed head too close to his body. It's unknown what happens to Edgar after this, but presumably the Alpha Vampire has his body and head hidden somewhere.[4]

Powers and Abilities

Edgar, as a high-ranking Leviathan, possessed all standard abilities of his kind, but on a much higher level.

  • Super Strength - Edgar is phenomenally much stronger than most beings, being able to easily overpower angels, demons, alphas, monsters and humans; he easily slaughtered two low-level angels by shoving his fist into them, and shoved the Alpha Vampire away with one hand.
  • Invulnerability - Edgar cannot be killed by anything except a bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen and therefore is invulnerable to any and all other forms of weaponry; a shotgun blast to head at point blank range barely slowed him down, being hit by extreme force, such as having a car dropped on him was enough to knock him out, but he soon recovered, although decapitation could disable him.
  • Resilience - He was also more resilient to Borax than a standard Leviathan, able to quickly recover from it, but it did still cause him great pain.
  • Immortality - As a Leviathan, Edgar can live forever and nothing can kill him except a bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen.
  • Super Stamina - Edgar never tired, and he could control his hunger much better than a standard Leviathan.
  • Shapeshifting - By touching a being's form, Edgar can copy their appearance, memories and abilities.
    • Voice Mimicry - While shapeshifted into a vampire, Edgar was able to mimic the voice of his regular form to taunt the vampire.
  • Possession - He possessed the real Edgar, and took his body.
  • Monstrous Jaws - Like all Leviathans, Edgar could re-arrange his facial features to display massive, retractable jaws, which allowed him to devour anything from monsters, to likely demons and angels.
  • Poisonous Blood - Edgar's blood is poisonous to most of creation presumably. He killed two angels by punching through their vessels and killing them.
  • Angelic Power Negation - As a Leviathan, Edgar was able to block an angel's powers such as telekinesis, as seen when killing the two angels who were sent to protect Kevin Tran.
  • Super Senses - He was able to smell Sam and Dean, although they were rooms away.


  • Borax - This substance is capable of burning his skin and slow him down.
  • Decapitation - Beheading Edgar will neutralize him.


As a Leviathan, Edgar had a disdain for all other species: he took enjoyment out of killing angels, and savagely mocked the Alpha Vampire. He additionally seemed to have views of purity, as he considered Eve, who despite being part-Leviathan, a 'whore'. With his subordinates, Edgar was tough, he was easily angered, and often threatened them, warning them of the consequences if they failed their allotted tasks. He could, however, be civil.

Like all Leviathans, he viewed humans as simply food, although he took the idea of ones being dangerous enough to kill as a compliment to them (humans). When it came to his own chain of command, he followed Dick Roman's orders without question. He was himself a reasonably competent leader, and was at least cunning, but lacked Dick's mastership. Also noticeably, unlike most Leviathans Edgar has a very small ego and even when angered still kept his emotions in check.



  • The human Edgar possessed used to work in demolition.
  • Edgar is the secondary antagonist of Season 7 along with Lucifer (as a hallucination).
  • He is the first person, besides the archangels and Castiel, to kill an angel on-screen without using an Angel Blade.
  • He claims to have known Eve, the mother of all monsters, and describes her as a "whore".
  • With the possible exception of Lucifer, Edgar is responsible for arguably the worst beating to the Winchesters have received on the show, to the extent where Dean called an ambulance (something never occurring on the show previously). 
  • Edgar shares some similarities to another Edgar played by Ray Park in another popular series called Heroes; both are right hand men of the main villain and both are experienced in some way with combat. A major difference is that this Edgar does not become an ally as the season progresses.


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