I can't believe he's gone. We were close. Best friends. Alan always said he was my big brother, cause he was born first. By like four minutes. Losing him is like losing a part of myself. I never knew it could hurt this bad.
— A grieving Eddie describes his relationship with Alan
in Prophet and Loss


Eddie was born as the younger identical twin brother to Alan. Although there was only a four minute age difference between the twins, Alan took his role as the big brother seriously and was best friends with Eddie throughout their lives.

In 2019, Alan was murdered by their friend Tony Alvarez after he was turned into a malformed Prophet and went insane. Drawn to the case by the Enochian carved into Alan's chest by Tony, Sam and Dean Winchester visited a grieving Eddie in hopes of finding some clues. Sam explained to Eddie that the graffiti carved into his brother's chest was actually an ancient language and meant "I am the Word." Asked if Alan had any religious friends, Eddie remembered Tony who was always quoting stuff that sounded like it came from the Bible. After looking at the paper Sam had with the Enochian that had been carved into Alan's chest, Eddie showed the Winchesters a picture of Alan and Tony showing Tony's Enochian tattoo that read "the Word."

While searching Tony's house for clues, Sam and Dean discovered that Tony was reenacting divine retributions, one of which was the slaughter of the first borns. Dean remembered Eddie telling them that Alan was the older brother and realized that Alan thus fit the description of a first born.



  • Josh Collins also played Eddie's twin brother Alan.
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