Eddie was a school bus driver for Truman High School.


As Sam and Dean began closing in on the vengeful ghost of Dirk MacGregor, Jr., Eddie, while substituting for Dirk Sr. and transporting the Truman High football team, became its unwitting temporary vessel. Dirk's spirit was bound to earth by a lock of Dirk's hair that his father secured in the Bible he kept in the glove compartment of his bus.

The Winchesters laid a spike strip in the path of the bus to draw the driver out, and managed to bind him in a saltwater-saturated rope. After Sam confronted Dirk's spirit regarding their troubled lives and times at Truman High, he broke through the rope and Sam blasted him with rock salt. Dirk's spirit exited Eddie, took over the body of a large football player on the bus, and then began thrashing Sam while Dean frantically searched the glove compartment for the lock of hair. Not finding there, he searched Eddie's person while he still lay half-conscious and finally found the lock stuffed inside his boot. He lit it with a lighter, and Dirk's spirit was consumed in flames. Eddie was left dazed, confused and wounded by rock salt, but alive.



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