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Ed Zeddmore is a self-proclaimed "professional" paranormal investigator and co-runner of the website Hell Hound's Lair. His friend, website co-runner, and partner investigator is Harry Spangler.


Season 1[]

Along with Harry Spangler, he is a "professional" paranormal investigator. He also co-runs the website Ed and Harry attempt to investigate paranormal activity at a shack, where they run into the Winchesters, whom they hypocritically label guys looking for thrills. Upon finding no evidence of paranormal activity, both parties leave, only to later return upon hearing of a girl who was hung and strangled by a ghost named Mordechai Murdoch, whom their website list many legends about. As the police were guarding the house, Dean lets the amateur ghost hunters get spotted. By the time the duo manages to elude the cops and return to the shack, the Winchesters burst out the front door, being chased by Murdoch, who disappears before leaving the house.

After being released, Ed and Harry post another legend. Harry soon gets second thoughts about going back, but Ed insisted that doing so will get them a network deal and sex with girls. They are then approached by the Winchesters, who trick them into posting that Mordechai can be killed by iron rounds, which the duo quickly post on their website, but their server crash before the new legend could be put in effect. After everyone gets out of the house alive, Dean burns it down so Mordechai would go down with it. Afterwards, Ed and Harry got a call from a Hollywood producer and headed out to Hollywood to meet with him and arrogantly brag to the brothers of this, not realizing that it was actually Sam who called them, pretending to be the producer. He and Harry later create Ghostfacers, which they try to get picked as a TV series.

Season 3[]

Ed and Harry later rename themselves the "Ghostfacers", recruiting Ed's adoptive sister Maggie, Kenny Spruce and Alan J. Corbett. They meet up again with Sam and Dean by accident when they enter Morton House on leap day with camera equipment to catch paranormal activity on film. Dean admonishes Ed for investigating, as Sam showed him missing persons reports going back half a century, all who "stayed the night" and were never seen again. Harry and Maggie then come running down and show footage of a ghost from the 50's being shot, which the Winchesters identify as a Death Echo, a ghost stuck in a loop. The Winchesters try ushering the Ghostfacers out the door before Ed notices that Corbett is absent. They soon learn that Corbett was abducted by the restless spirit in the house, who then proceeds to lock the survivors inside. They then spot another echo of a man who was run down by a train, whom Dean tries to shock him out of his loop but fails.

Further investigating the house, Dean determines that the last man to own the house, Freeman Daggett, was a morgue janitor and loner, who stole corpses to "play" with, to Ed and Harry's disgust. The spirit of Daggett soon kidnaps Sam and separates Dean and Spruce from the others. Dean instructs Ed to get the salt from his duffel bag and create a circle around themselves. They later spot the ghost of Corbett, reliving his death. Harry encourages Ed to try and talk Corbett out of his death echo, revealing the latter's feelings for Ed. Ed succeeds, allowing Corbett to take on Daggett. Come morning, the surviving Ghostfacers and Winchesters escape the Morton House. The Ghostfacers later compile their footage into a pilot episode in tribute to Corbett's memory, while grossly exploiting the manner of his death. They show their pilot to the Winchesters, who warn that publicly releasing them will either get them a punch in the face or straitjacket or both. After the Winchesters leave, Ed finds that they left their duffel bag behind, in which he finds an electromagnet which wipes all of the Ghostfacer's hard drives, including their pilot.

Season 4[]

Sam and Dean, trapped in an "alternate reality" created by Zachariah, are regular people and find that they have a ghost haunting and killing people in the office building that they both work in. The Ghostfacers return in an instructional video on their website which teaches people how to hunt ghosts, and it is used by Sam and Dean.

Season 5[]

An ad of the Ghostfacers program is seen at the middle of the episode Hammer of the Gods.

Season 9[]

He and Harry are the only remaining Ghostfacers. They encounter the Winchesters when the Thinman claims a teenage girl's life. Despite the Winchesters threatening them to back off, they don't do so. Ed already had plans to leave the hunting life. Ed pays the brothers a visit. He comes clean about making up the Thinman to keep Harry from leaving Ghostfacers. Ed tries justifying his actions though admits to faking only one case before real ones started popping up. Sam is especially upset about it, reiterating how "secrets ruin relationships," a reality he's feeling now.

The trio gets on the road and comes across Harry, who has barely escaped his run-in with the Thinman. Ed also lets Harry in on the betrayal which strains their relationship. Though the Ghostfacers are captured, it gives Sam and Dean just enough time to escape. When they come back into the room with the Ghostfacers at gun and knife-point, the Winchesters jump them. Dean takes Roger out, while Harry shoots the deputy before he can take out Ed. The Ghostfacers are breaking up for good as Harry just can't get over Ed's actions.

Season 14[]

In Don't Go In The Woods, Harry and Ed appear in a Ghostfacers video watched by Eliot on his cell phone. The two are seen mentioning how annoying they find the Winchesters.



  • His name is most likely a reference to Winston Zeddemore, one of the four members of the Ghostbusters team from the films of the same name.
  • His first name Ed is also likely to be a reference to Winston Zeddemore's father Edward Zeddemore.
  • Ed and his friend Harry Spangler are both Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans.
  • Along with Harry Spangler, he is the longest living character in the series not having died at all.
  • Ed is possibly LGBT given his confession of love to Corbett to break his Death Echo loop. However, it is unclear if he was being sincere.