Ed Singer was Bobby Singer's father.


Season 7Edit

As Bobby laid comatose, the victim of a gunshot to the head, his dying mind was forced to deal with several of his painful life issues as he attempted to elude his reaper. One of those was his father, Ed, who was a harsh and abusive alcoholic, not respectful to his wife and son.

One night during a family dinner, young Bobby accidentally tipped a glass of milk, and it crashed to the floor. Ed reacted violently by throwing his dinner plate across the room and taking a swig of his drink while declaring that he was not respected in his house. He then growled at Bobby a phrase that stuck with him throughout his life; "You break everything you touch". As Bobby's mother frantically tried to clean the mess he made, Ed approached her, muttering that Bobby was the way he was because she let him do whatever he wanted. She tried to pacify him by telling him to relax and have another drink, but he punished her for telling him what to do by delivering a downward blow to her face. Through tears, she looked up at terrified young Bobby and asked "Why do you always provoke him?" Ed interjected; "Because he's a bad kid, that's why".

Older Bobby confronted Ed on being a horrible parent, and confessed that he was so afraid of becoming him that he never had kids of his own. Ed said that was a good thing, and reiterated that Bobby broke everything he touched. Bobby told his father that he was wrong; he adopted two boys, and they grew up to become great heroes. Bobby angrily told him to go to Hell.

Young Bobby returned, armed with a rifle, as Ed again began to assault his weeping mother. Bobby warned him to leave her alone, but a drunken Ed only taunted him, believing he did not have the courage to shoot. Ed was quickly proven wrong when Bobby pulled the trigger, landing a head shot in the same spot in which comatose Bobby was mortally wounded at the hands of Dick Roman. Bobby then told Young Bobby to bury his father behind the woodshed.




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