Ed Bright was a man who is transformed into a failed hybrid monster by Eve.


Season 6Edit

SPN 0013

Eve touches the face of Ed.

As he was leaving the 8th Street Sports Lounge in Grants Pass, Oregon with his friend Marshall Todd, Ed encountered Eve. Ed tried to flirt with her, and she touched him on the cheek, later revealing to have transformed him into a failed Jefferson Starship.

SPN 0517

Dead monsters that look like Ed.

When he started feeling ill he visited Dr. Silver, who reported his condition to the Centre for Disease Control. He described Ed's symptoms as appearing to be the flu, but after a day, his flesh started to turn "gooey".

Sam and Dean question Ed on what happened, finding him disoriented and coughing up blood in his house, along with copies of himself sprawled throughout the room. He describes to them a girl in a white dress that touched him, but dies before he can finish. He had already infected his flatmates who transformed, Shapeshifter-like, into copies of Ed before also dying.[1]



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