Ed Brewer was an eyewitness to Dracula's killing of a young woman in Canonsburg, PA.


Ed had not always lived in Pennsylvania, he'd recently moved to town a few months before. He lived in the old Goethe Theater, and liked to play the organ. He was the witness who saw the shapeshifter dressed as Dracula killing the murder victim. Although, he was a bit of a drunk and was considered by Sheriff Dietrich not to be a reliable source. He was also known to tip Jamie, the waitress at the local tavern, very generously.

When Sam and Dean came to talk to him, Ed was drinking a very large beer. He was reluctant to talk them because he'd already "spoke the God's honest truth," and was considered to be the town joke as a result. Ed finally told them his story, and how the vampire looked exactly like the classic movie character. Later, thinking Ed was the shapeshifter, Sam went to the theatre and found Ed playing the organ in his underclothes. When Sam tried to pull Ed's ear off, he discovered that he was a human, and not the guy he was looking for.


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