These two unnamed men were Thule members and accompanied Eckhart on his mission to recover the Ledger of the Thules.

History Edit

When it was discovered that Rabbi Isaac Bass had discovered the Ledger of the Thules these two men accompanied Eckhart, Torvald, and Heintz on the mission to retrieve it.

Following Torvald's death, at the hands of the Golem, Eckhart was alerted their secrets had been found by the spirit of Torvald. Eckhart along with these two men and Heintz went to the library where Torvald was killed. Upon investigating the Library Eckhart deduced a Golem was responsible, due to the clay left behind.

Eckhart and his men attack Isaac Bass' grandson Aaron's place after discovering he had the ledger. Eckhart quickly disabled the Golem, as Aaron had not claimed possession of it yet, meaning it was possible to question his authority. Upon recovering his Secrets, he mocked Aaron, Sam and Dean Winchester, having believed he had won. However Aaron managed to ambush him, by hitting him with a wooden plank. In the confusion, Sam and Dean killed Eckhart and these two Thules, but Heintz got away. Before Eckhart died, he told them that they couldn't stop the remainder of the Thule. His body was then torched to stop him reanimating alongside these two dead Thules.

Powers and Abilities Edit

They possessed the typical abilities of one of the Thule.

  • Immortality - Due to the nature of their necromancy, Thule members are effectively immortal unless their bodies are burned. They also don't age.
    • Self-Resurrection - As a result of the Thule experiments into immortality, if a Thule's body isn't burned within 12 hours of his death, they will automatically resurrect themselves.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Massive Brain Damage - The Winchesters were able to temporarily kill them by shooting them in the head.
  • Fire - The only way to permanently kill a Thule was to burn their bodies within 12 hours of death.

Appearances Edit

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