Commandant Eckhart was a member of the Thule High Command who experimented heavily in necromancy.


In Vitsyebsk, Belarus he led many terrible magical experiments on the natives, trying to find a way to reanimate the dead, something he finally succeeded in, and managed to do to himself. However, in 1944, the Judah Initiative struck back, sending a Golem to destroy them. The Golem succeeded, however he was the only survivor, having used magic to escape.

He continued to lead the Thule's, keeping an eye on Rabbi Bass, the last surviving member of Judah, who was searching for their secrets, which the lost when the Golem attacked, and he was forced to burn the building down. Following Torvald's death, at the hands of the Golem, he was alerted their secrets had been found, by Torvalds spirit. He along with four other members arrived, upon investigating the Library he deduced a Golem was responsible, due to the clay left behind.

He and his men attack Aaron's place, there he quickly disabled the Golem, as Aaron had not claimed possession of it yet, meaning it was possible to question his authority. Upon recovering his Secrets, he mocked Aaron, Sam and Dean Winchester, having believed he had won. However Aaron managed to ambush him, by hitting him with a wooden plank. In the confusion, Sam and Dean killed Eckhart and two of his men, but one got away. Before Eckhart died, he told them that they couldn't stop the remainder of the Thule. His body was then torched to stop him reanimating alongside the other two dead Thules.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Eckhart was a particularly powerful Thule necromancer:

  • Resurrection - Through the necromancy technique he developed, Eckhart is able to resurrect dead Thules in such a way that they can only permanently die by their bodies being burned.
  • Immortality - As he had been reanimated by the Thule, he was immortal, appearing in his thirties for seventy years. He became immune to age and illness.
    • Self-Resurrection - Due to his nature as a reanimated Thule, Eckhart would self-resurrect within twelve hours of death if his body was not burned.
  • Spell Casting - Eckhart was highly skilled at spell casting, able to use it make himself invisible to escape the Golem. He was also able to immobilize the Golem when Aaron Bass didn't have full control over the Golem yet.
  • Mediumship - Eckhart was able to contact Torvald's spirit, who informed his commander what he knew, before his body was torched.


  • While the Judah Initiative sent their Golem after Eckhart in 1944, he had to have completed his resurrection experiment by 1943 as it had been used on Gumprecht, allowing him to survive Delphine Seydoux's attempt to kill him.
  • Eckhart's last words were to tell the Winchesters that they could kill him but they could never stop all of the Thule. After killing Eckhart, Dean commented that his death was a start. Indeed, over the next three and a half years Aaron Bass, inspired by the fight with Eckhart, would begin hunting down the rest of the Thule and kill half of the known members with the help of the Golem.


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