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Earth 2 was a universe created by God. It is one of multiple universes in Supernatural. This world was destroyed by God alongside many others, to clean the slate for his ending.


After Chuck was able to escape the Winchesters' trap, he came to this world. At a Radio Shed, a woman is shopping as a clerk looks on, smiling. She tries to ignore the clerk and leaves, and he turns as Chuck comes in. Chuck looks at one of the TVs on display and the clerk assures him that they have everything. Chuck tells him that he wants an audience, and gestures to turn on the TVs as a background. He talks about how he created the world and then other worlds with different combinations and different endings.

The screens display the different worlds with the different Sams and Deans, and Chuck notes that Dean says he won't get the ending he wants. Chuck figures that he's gotten from the Sams and Deans, and could get what he wants from hundreds more. However, he admits that the real Sam and Dean challenge, disappoint, and surprise him. They're the ones, and Chuck figures that he needs less distraction, not more. He waves his hand and figures that it's time to clear the world by destroying all of the other worlds and failed spin-offs, and it's time to start canceling shows.

For several weeks, God sat in Radio Shed and watched the worlds he's destroying on the TV screens. He approaches the sleeping clerk who wakes up to nervously ask if he's finished, and Chuck says that it takes a while to destroy some worlds and they'll need more of his attention. The worried clerk asks if Chuck will spare them, saying that he's served Chuck for weeks, and Chuck assures him that he'll be fine and that everything is fine. Chuck walks out and behind him, meteors smash down on the Radio Shed as Chuck destroys Earth 2.

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Radio Shed Clerk (deceased; killed by God)
  • Radio Shed Customer (deceased; killed by God)



  • Given that this world is referred to as "Earth 2" it is probably the second world created by God after the main universe.
    • The name may also be a reference to Dean ordering Chuck to go to Earth 2 and play with his other toys in The Trap.
  • Not much is known about its history, except for the fact it was created sometime after the prime universe. It seems to possess several differences to the main universe: