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Why would I want to destroy this stunning thing? Beautiful in a trillion different ways. The last perfect handiwork of God.
Lucifer, describing Earth
in The End

Earth is a planet created solely by God that respectively supports a large variety of life, including bacteria, humans, creatures, and animals. The planet is nearly 5 billion years old and is located in the Solar System, within the Milky Way Galaxy. Entities like angels and demons can manifest on Earth via possession in the use of vessels. Others can appear physically by assuming human form.

Archangels knew that two future descendants of the Cain and Abel bloodline, would be the true vessels of the elder archangels, however, it's possible that the superiors kept the regular angels in the dark about this. The archangels wanted to wage war over Earth, Michael and Raphael to generate paradise - at the cost of destroying half the planet, and Lucifer wanted to purge it of its "filth": humans. This came to be known as the Apocalypse which, had it been successful, would have nearly destroyed the planet.

Between the years 2011-2012, the Leviathans planned to take over Earth and harvest humans as cattle. They nearly succeed but were defeated when Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel killed their leader. Without their leader, they fell into disarray and were hunted off.

In 2015, a primordial evil entity known only as the Darkness was released into the world when the Mark of Cain was destroyed. When God was fatally injured by the Darkness, the balance and harmony of The Universe was disrupted. The sky immediately turned bright orange, signaling the end of reality. However, after the Darkness heals God, the balance was restored.

Known rulers[]


  • Humans: The dominant species on the planet. They are often considered as one of the greatest creations of God, and unlike angels and demons, they are neutral in the Heaven-Hell War, not including hunters like the Winchester family. Though many humans worship God and believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell and in the supernatural, most remain unaware of the many supernatural entities roaming the planet.
    • Jesus (temporarily) - Many humans believe Jesus was sent to Earth by God to save humanity, as is mentioned by Rick in ...And Then There Were None. Not much is known about Jesus' history on Earth, but according to Eve, he was just a human and not the son of God.

A creature of the Earth

  • Animals: There are thousands of billions of species of animals and creatures that live in the world. Unfortunately, some of these animals have been driven to extinction by humans or natural causes.
  • Death: Normally kept restrained 600 ft under Earth's crust, he was freed by Lucifer's spell. Killed by Dean Winchester in 2015 and replaced by Billie.
  • Reapers: Tasked with guiding (sometimes forcibly) the souls of recently deceased humans to the afterlife.
  • Monsters: The creations of Eve, these monsters live on the Earth, often preying on humans. They keep their existence a secret by hiding themselves or posing as humans.
  • Deities: Pagan deities used to rule by taking sacrifices from humans to gain power for themselves and their own respective religions. They stopped gaining sacrifices due to the arrival of the Abrahamic religions which significantly weakened them. In modern times, they blend in the human society, feed and prey on humans, thus forcefully taking sacrifices.
  • Leviathans: Among the earliest creations of God, once sealed in the realm Purgatory are now released and are on Earth. After the death of Dick Roman, the Leviathans were left disorganized and any that were not defeated ceased to be a serious threat.
  • Angels: After Metatron cast a spell that expelled them from Heaven, all angels fell to Earth. Now with Metatron defeated, the angels have returned to their home through the portal.
  • Archangels: After possessing Castiel, Lucifer became the only archangel to walk the Earth. Following Lucifer's death, the Apocalypse World Michael was left walking the Earth in the vessel of Dean Winchester. After Lucifer's death, the archangel Michael, free from The Cage, is the only archangel on the Earth.
  • Ghosts: Spirits of deceased humans that have refused to leave Earth for whatever reason. With Heaven sealed, all the spirits of those who are supposed to go to Heaven are trapped on the Earth in the Veil. This has been corrected with Heaven being retaken, however.
  • Demons: Most demons roam the earth harming and possessing people.
  • The Darkness: Released onto the Earth when the Mark of Cain was destroyed. She eventually departed along with God.
  • God: In the form of Chuck, God walked the Earth. Eventually departed with the Darkness.