This unnamed man was found dying outside the First Street Mission by Metatron and Castiel.


For an unknown reason, he is shot in the chest and mortally wounded in the alley outside of the First Street Mission in Omaha, Nebraska. The man is left to die with the gun that shot him lying nearby.

The shooting is called into the police by somebody and the Scribe of God and former angel Metatron, scouring the police scanner for any story he can make money off of, hears about it. Metatron manages to reach the scene before the police and gleefully records it with his video camera. Metatron decides to rob the "corpse" for more money, only to have the man beg for help in a weak voice.

Metatron is disappointed that the man isn't dead and tells him that if the man lives, there is no story. As the man continues to gasp for breath, Metatron admits that there was a time when he could've brought the man back from the brink of death with a snap of his fingers. Though Metatron admits that he wouldn't have done it anyway, he states that "I'm not that guy anymore. I can't save you" and tosses the man's now-empty wallet next to his body.

Suddenly Castiel arrives and announces that he can save the man's life. Metatron is shocked to see Castiel who admits that he found Metatron the same way Metatron found the dying man. Kneeling over the man, Castiel heals his gunshot wound, saving the man's life. As the man tries to understand what just happened to him, Castiel notices that Metatron recorded the healing and destroys Metatron's camera. Hearing a police siren, Castiel and Metatron quickly leave the area while the man, still confused by what happened, sits up as the police finally respond to the shooting.


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