I'm not stealing from them. I'm stealing from their children. Little bastards think they can drop their folks off at a home and visit twice a year, maybe. I took care of all these old geezers. I think I deserve...
Dr. Mahoney
in Hunteri Heroici

Dr. Dwight Mahoney was a doctor at the Sunset Fields Retirement Home in Oklahoma City.

Overview Edit

Mahoney had been stealing from the residents for years using Fred Jones' powers. To the police he was known as the Black Spot due to the circles he drew on the walls of the banks he robbed which turned into doors and let him in.

After Sam and Dean Winchester started investigating, Mahoney panicked, shot his partner and kidnapped Fred to pull off one last major bank robbery at which time he'd kill Fred and leave. However, Dean caught up with him while Sam and Castiel attempted to reach Fred. Dean and Mahoney had a gag fight that ended in Dean dropping an anvil on Mahoney. Mahoney managed to dodge it and attempted to flee the bank, but Sam and Castiel had woken Fred from his stupor and he switched off his powers, trapping Mahoney.

Mahoney pulled a gun on Dean, but Fred appeared and forced him to commit suicide while declaring that he wouldn't harm anyone else.


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