Dwight Charles worked at Doc Marley's Cocktails in Houston, Texas. His name came up on a list of names given to the Cherubim to find them soulmates, and Metatron and Castiel planned to wait for the Cupid to connect him with someone, so they could use one of her Cupid's arrows to complete the angel trials for the betterment of heaven. After Castiel asked Dwight awkward questions about who he wanted to fall in love with, Naomi and a group of her angels showed up to take Metatron. Dwight fired at the angels with a shotgun, and was almost killed by one, if not for Castiel's intervention.

Castiel later returned to Doc Marley's with Dean Winchester, since Metatron was captured, and received free drinks from Dwight for having saved his life earlier. When the delivery woman, Gail, showed up, she turned out to be a Cherubim, and placed her hands on Dwight's and Rod's shoulders. They then bonded over their mutual love of bows, and Dwight gave Rod his next drink for free.


Trivia Edit

  • Bruce Blain, who portrayed Dwight Charles, later portrays coach Phil Evans in season 11 episode Plush.
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