Dustin Tate is a young man who lived with Randy and Claire Novak.


Dustin is an employee at The Weiner Hut who lived with Randy and Claire. Like Claire, Dustin had no family and relied on Randy to whom he would earn money for. He also spent some time at the Youth Transition Center in Pontiac, Illinois, which is where he met Claire.

After Randy fell heavily under debt and Claire failed to find the sufficient funds to pay for it, Randy sent her on a job to get more money. Dustin, over 18 years of age, said he wished he could do it instead.

That night, Dustin went to work only to be intercepted by Sam Winchester and Castiel, who were looking for Claire. Dustin lied about his identity at first but Castiel wasn't convinced, and pinned him against the wall by the throat, demanding to know the truth. Dustin eventually told them where to find Claire, allowing Dean to get to her in time before she could rob a gas station.

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  • Salinger mentions that Randy has a habit of picking up kids with daddy issues, implying that Dustin had issues with his own father.
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