He belongs to all of us.

Duma is an angel who was searching for Jack. She is one of the less than a dozen angels left alive.


Duma agrees to meet with Castiel at the Heavenly Portal to discuss the situation with the Nephilim Jack as long as Castiel comes alone. Though Dean Winchester offers to accompany Castiel, Castiel refuses Dean's help.

Outside of the portal, Castiel and Duma meet and Castiel tells her that he must locate Jack. When Castiel asks if the angels have Jack, possibly in Metatron's old cell, Duma states that they do not. Duma tells Castiel that if the angels had Jack, he would not be imprisoned but rather put to work. Duma explains to Castiel that the angels' numbers have been greatly diminished since the Fall of the Angels and their race is going extinct as a result. She states that in order to make more angels, something that hasn't been done since the dawn of Creation, they will need a powerful force. Castiel realizes that Duma means Jack and points out that Jack may not be willing to help. Duma states that Jack might not have a choice, causing Castiel to realize that the angels want to enslave Jack to do their bidding.

As Duma tells Castiel that Jack "belongs to all of us," two more angels emerge from the portal and congratulate Duma on delivering Castiel as promised. One of the angels tells Castiel that they have heard that Castiel has influence with Jack and thus Jack will listen to him. Castiel, however, refuses to help the angels enslave Jack.

Taking Castiel's hand Duma pleads with Castiel to come with them, but Castiel shoves her away in anger and horror of what the angels are planning. All four angels draw their angel blades and Castiel quickly knocks Duma back with a blow to the face before fighting with her henchmen. After Castiel knocks the other two angels away, Duma comes up from behind Castiel and holds an angel blade to his throat.

Before the confrontation can go any further, the four angels are interrupted by the appearance of Lucifer who orders Duma to release Castiel. Staring at Lucifer in terror, Duma hesitates to comply until Lucifer makes his eyes glow red and moves as if to combust the angels. Finally, the terrified Duma releases Castiel and flees through the portal back to Heaven with the other two angels, leaving Lucifer exhausted from intimidating them in his weakened state.

After escaping with Anael, Lucifer meets with Duma and three more angels outside of the Heavenly Portal, attempting to convince the angels to work with him. Though Duma orders Lucifer killed, Lucifer points out that even while weakened, they still don't have the ability to actually kill him though Duma wants to try. Though Duma continues to resist Lucifer's attempts to convince her, Lucifer claims that he knows how to make more angels since he saw how God did it and can potentially even restore the angels' wings if they make him the undisputed Ruler of Heaven. Duma ultimately agrees and the angels accept Lucifer as their new leader with Anael at his side.

Duma later appears before Lucifer to inform him that what few angels they can spare are searching Jack, but are having no success. Duma refuses to get in the middle of the squabble between Lucifer and Anael and departs to continue the search after Lucifer becomes threatening towards her.

Shortly thereafter, Castiel arrives in Heaven where he is met by Duma and two other angels. Duma, though wary, hears Castiel out. Through Castiel, she learns that he needs the angels' help in finding the archangel Gabriel who he reveals is still alive, to their surprise. He also explains he needs them in fighting an Alternate Michael who wants to invade and conquer their world. Duma decides that maybe they can help each other after all and leaves Castiel sitting in Heaven's Throne Room for a long time. Finally, Duma returns, asking about Gabriel and getting him to Heaven. When Castiel admits that he doesn't know where Gabriel is and asks Duma to send a few angels to search for him, Naomi arrives and explains that Duma can't. Naomi then takes Castiel to her old office to speak with him, leaving Duma and the other angels behind.

A few months later, and Angel radio begins playing a distress signal, Castiel arrives in search of Jack and to figure out what is going on in Heaven. There he comes across Duma and Zuriel who are laying on the floor, apparently dead. There Duma wakes up, revealing she was merely unconscious. She is confused and disorientated at what happened stating that after "it" touched her everything went black. Realizing Castiel is supposed to be on Earth, Duma asks him why he's in Heaven, and he states he's looking for Jack. As he leaves to look for Jack, a terrified Duma begs him not to leave her, and he lets her accompany him.

They both arrive in Jack's Heaven to find him but cannot, as Naomi arrives and confirms that Jack isn't there as perhaps the angel side of him knew he was in Heaven. Naomi tells a confused Castiel and Duma what is going on in Heaven. They are under attack from the Shadow, the being that rules the Empty. As Duma asks what it wants, Naomi states that it wants Jack, as it considers Jack it's property due to him being a half angel. Duma asks what to do, and Naomi replies that they give it what it wants, stating that if they don't then it will cause Heaven to fall,  "46 billion and 750 million human souls cast in the wind". Though Duma appeared to agree, Castiel refuses to hand Jack over to it. As Naomi tries to stop him from leaving and attempts to convince him to reconsider, she ends up being possessed by the Shadow and tells Castiel to run. Castiel leaves with Duma to look for Jack, leaving the possessed Naomi behind. As Castiel finds Jack in Kelly Kline's Heaven, he tells them of the Shadow's intentions, and that Sam, Dean and himself are using a spell to bring Jack back, but before Castiel can pull Jack's soul into his body to complete the spell, Duma arrives and is revealed to be possessed by The Shadow. 

As the Shadow attempts to take Jack to the Empty, Castiel makes a deal with it to take Castiel to the Empty instead. The Shadow agrees to this but states that it will not come for him he finally gives himself permission to be happy. Castiel accepts and the Shadow leaves Duma's body. She wakes up confused as to where she is apparently having no memory of the possession and she watches as Castiel resurrects Jack. 

Powers and Abilities

Duma appeared to be a regular angel with all the powers of one.


She possesses all the regular weaknesses of an angel.

  • Angel Blades - Like most angels, she could be killed by an angel blade.
  • Higher Angels - In a fight, she was easily thrown aside by the Seraphim Castiel, only defeating him when she caught Castiel by surprise from behind. When the Archangel Lucifer threatened her, she fled in terror. Even in his weakened state, Lucifer stated that she was unable to kill him.
  • The Shadow - He effortlessly defeated Duma and the other few remaining angels, though she survived the attack she was shown to be somewhat weakened afterwards, and it was able to possess her against her own will. After The Shadow left her, Duma had at least no memory of the posession.
  • Insufficient number of angels in Heaven - Like all angels, Duma is bound to Heaven, serving as a power source for Heaven while within it. As there are only nine angels in Heaven, including Duma and Naomi, Naomi herself states that the remaining angels will burn out in an attempt to keep Heaven powered.



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