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This unnamed woman acted as the vessel for the angel Duma.


At an unknown point in time, possibly after the Fall of the Angels, this woman was taken as a vessel by the angel Duma.

Duma used her to visit Earth while speaking with Castiel about Jack and later when she and several angels confronted Lucifer and Anael. During the Invasion of Heaven, both Duma and her vessel were possessed by the Shadow before it left them both alone after making a deal with Castiel.

After Duma threatened to end John and Mary Winchester's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers in an attempt to force Castiel to capitulate, Castiel killed both Duma and her vessel with an angel blade in one of the hallways of Heaven. After a brief glance at the dead body, Castiel took off after Jack, leaving Duma's dead vessel laying on the floor of Heaven's hallways.



  • Despite Duma's constant use of this vessel, Castiel's angel blade has no blood on it after he killed Duma and thus her vessel as well. Presumably, this was because Duma died in Heaven itself.