These two unnamed angels worked for Duma in the search for the Nephilim Jack.


As Duma speaks with Castiel about the Nephilim Jack, these two angels emerge from the Heavenly Portal. One congratulates Duma on delivering Castiel to them as promised, horrifying Castiel with Duma's betrayal. The angel tells Castiel that they have heard that Castiel has influence with Jack and that Jack will listen to him. However, Castiel refuses to help the angels enslave Jack.

After Castiel refuses to come with the angels and shoves Duma away, all four angels draw their angel blades and engage in combat. In the quick fight that follows, Duma's henchmen attack Castiel together but he knocks them to the ground before Duma holds an angel blade to his throat from behind.

Before the situation can go any further, Lucifer suddenly appears and orders Duma to drop her blade. When the three angels hesitate, Lucifer makes his eyes glow red and moves as if in preparation to combust them. Terrified, Duma and the other two angels retreat into the portal and back to Heaven, leaving Lucifer exhausted from his use of power to threaten them in his weakened state.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They appeared to be regular angels with all the powers of ones.


They possessed all the regular weaknesses of angels.

  • Angel Blade - Like most angels, they could be killed by an angel blade.
  • Higher Angels - In a fight, despite going two-on-one, they were easily thrown aside by the Seraphim Castiel. When the Archangel Lucifer threatened them, they fled in terror.


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