Duke was a rogue Crossroad Demon who was using Gunner Lawless to collect a "nest egg" of souls for himself.


In 2006, Duke was summoned by Gunner Lawless who was desperate to win a wrestling championship title. To this end, he made a deal with Duke who gave him ten years in exchange for his championship title. As per their deal, Gunner won the title, but ended up losing it to another wrestler a week later.

In 2016, both the Darkness and Lucifer returned and Duke felt that it was "every demon for themselves" so he decided to collect souls for his own "nest egg". To this end, Duke offered to call the hellhounds off of Gunner Lawless if he helped him. Desperate to avoid Hell, Gunner accepted Duke's offer. Gunner began murdering people in each town his wrestling tour lands in, carving an ancient Sumerian symbol into their chests so that Duke could collect their souls. While giving Gunner the name of his next target, Duke was spotted by Shawn Harley who thought he was Gunner's drug dealer. Duke later had Gunner kidnap Harley so Duke could offer him the chance to work for him. Harley refused, knowing if demons were real, then so was Heaven and he wasn't giving up his chance to go there. Duke sliced Harley's Achilles tendon and then had the reluctant Gunner murder him.

Duke's activities drew the attention of Sam and Dean Winchester who tracked down Gunner and confronted him. Duke appeared and flung them into a wall before sending Gunner to kill Dean while he dealt with Sam. As Duke taunted Sam and prepared to kill him, Dean returned and tried to attack Duke who flung him away. Unknown to Duke, Dean had convinced Gunner to help him and it was a distraction. As Duke was laughing about his victory over the Winchesters, Gunner came up behind him and stabbed Duke through the back with the demon-killing knife, killing the rogue Crossroad Demon. Moments after Duke's death, the hellhounds came for Gunner, no longer held back by their master.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Duke was a Crossroad Demon with all the powers of one. However, due to his low-ranking, he wasn't particularly powerful.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, Duke needed to possess a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - Demons are immune to age, illness as well as most forms of physical harm in the mortal world.
  • Super Strength - Like all Demons, he has superhumanly enhanced physical strength.
  • Reality Warping (by deals) - As a Crossroad Demon, Duke was able to warp reality to a limited degree in the form of deals. He made it so Gunner Lawless won a wrestling title as per their deal.
  • Telekinesis - Duke was able to throw the Winchesters around with the power of his mind.
  • Soul Collection - Using an ancient Sumerian sigil carved into murdered people's chests, Duke was able to collect their souls for his "nest egg".


Duke possessed all the weaknesses of a regular demon.


Killed ByEdit

After Dean Winchester convinced him to do the right thing, Gunner stabbed Duke through the back with the demon-killing knife, killing Duke.


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