Duane Tanner was a boy possessed by a demon. He was sent by Azazel to test the Croatoan Virus on humans.


Season 2Edit

Duane lives in Oregon with his mom, dad and brother. The day that Sam and Dean arrive, he is out on a fishing trip. Later during that day, he is attacked and runs to the medical clinic where the last remaining survivors are. Due to not knowing if he's infected or not, they tie him up and test his blood. Though they plan to wait for the test to keep everyone safe, Dean and Mark Varko want to shoot him, but Dean decides not to and waits for three hours for the results.

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Duanne doing the incantation.

The results show that Duane is not infected so they untie him. Later they discover that the whole town is gone and everyone leaves. Duane leaves with Mark. As they are driving, Duane asks Mark to pull over to make a call. Mark is confused by this and is silenced when Duane, now revealed to be a demon behind the outbreak, and cuts his throat and uses his blood to contact someone (presumably Azazel). He tells the other person that their suspicions were correct and Sam is immune.[1]




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