Druidic Resurrection Spell

The Druidic Resurrection Spell is a spell to resurrect the dead from the Black Grimoire.


In 2017, Catriona and Boyd Loughlin planned to use this spell to resurrect their deceased brother Gideon using Sam Winchester as a sacrifice. However, they were foiled by the interruption of Dean and Rowena.

In 2018, desperate to resurrect their deceased mother, sisters Jamie and Jennie Plum plotted to steal the Black Grimoire and use this spell to resurrect her. Though they succeeded in stealing the book, they only brought Mrs. Plum back as a zombie who was immune to magic. Rowena MacLeod suggested she could fix the problem with the spell, but ultimately killed Mrs. Plum instead.


The full procedure of the spell is unknown, but it requires the sacrifice of a human soul. Boyd Loughlin referred to this as swapping one person's soul for another. If done wrong, the spell will bring back the target as a zombie. Though it was suggested that this was "maybe" a first step in the process, the witches who used the spell couldn't fully understand what they were reading and possibly got some of the procedure wrong. Rowena MacLeod suggested that a more experienced witch could fix this and complete the spell properly.

When the Loughlin's attempted the spell, they were shown to place small stones on the eyes of the person they were trying to resurrect and painted a sigil in blood on his forehead.


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