Drexel is a demon loyal to Lucifer.


Season 12 Edit

Drexel is among an assembly of demons gathered on Crowley's orders so he can showcase something once thought impossible. Inside Crowley's throne room, the King reveals that he has broken their former leader, the Archangel Lucifer, turning him into an obedient "dog" who now obeys every command. Crowley intends to get the demons present to permanently switch loyalties and stick with Crowley.

Unbeknownst to Crowley however, Lucifer has not yet been broken and when he begins speaking honorably about a King, Lucifer lets the demons know he is referring only to himself. When Lucifer asks for an applause, Drexel along with the others comply, leading Crowley to believe they are cheering for him.

In Crowley's absence, Drexel approaches Lucifer and unchains him. Lucifer removes his shirt so the demon can examine the state of his vessel. Drexel announces that the vessel is in perfect shape, as well as the system put in to control Lucifer. Annoyed, Lucifer strangles Drexel while asking who can remove the system.

Drexel reveals that the one who designed it, Spevak, has been killed by Crowley to hide the secrets. Lucifer asks this demon to be the one to crack the system for him. While he is unsure if he can do it, Drexel promises to try. Delighted, Lucifer kisses him on the head and puts his shirt back on while Drexel leaves the room, slightly flustered.

Drexel returns to Lucifer sometime later with the ability to alter Spevak's system. He is briefly interrupted when Crowley pays Lucifer a visit and is forced to hide behind a door. Lucifer grows impatient towards Drexel when the latter takes too long to work the system. To the amazement of both, the system powers up in reverse, granting Lucifer control over Crowley's vessel instead. This new turn of events allows Lucifer to escape imprisonment by seemingly killing the Demon King.

Season 13 Edit

After Lucifer's disappearance, Drexel is seen polishing his throne. While the other demons in the throne room mock Drexel's loyalty, stating Lucifer wasn't coming back, the former was confident that Lucifer will return along with his son. Asmodeus then appears, with Drexel shocked at his arrival. Asmodeus comes claiming to temporarily take command in Lucifer's absence. To purge out the old Crowley era, he calls forth several demons, including Drexel. Asmodeus then kills all the demons, except for Drexel, Sierra, and Harrington.

Later, Drexel tells Asmodeus that there is no news of Lucifer in all of Hell with the demons having even searched Lucifer's Cage. When Asmodeus tells Drexel that they must focus on finding Lucifer's son instead, Drexel admits that there is no sign of Jack either and suggests that he's dead. Asmodeus insists that Jack is still alive and must be found and trained and gets angry when Drexel brings up Lucifer's short fuse. Enraged at Drexel's audacity, Asmodeus tells Drexel about his history with the Shedim and the punishment he received from Lucifer for it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite being a lower class demon, he has demonstrated superb capability in magic.

  • Magic - As a demon, he's capable of performing magic. He's able to sense and check the condition of Lucifer's vessel just by touching it. He's also capable of implanting certain devices into it.
  • Engineering - Rarely for a demon he has knowledge in engineering in a demonic sense. While he cannot bypass Crowley's security layer that was applied to Nick, he was able to create a device that was able to override Crowley's Vessel Manipulation and allow Lucifer to regain control of himself.


  • Archangels - Drexel was afraid of Lucifer and did not enjoy getting on the archangel's nerves.
  • Higher Demons - As with Lucifer, Drexel was afraid of Crowley and hid from him when he feared the King of Hell's wrath. He was also intimidated by Asmodeus.



  • Drexel is one of the few beings to help Lucifer and live.
  • Alongside Demon Minion, he is one of the few recurring demons still alive who has a speaking role.
  • Despite his prominent role in Season 12 and being spared by Asmodeus in The Rising Son, Drexel only made one appearance in Season 13. No explanation is given for his disappearance, particularly given the fact that Asmodeus appeared to rely on him in The Rising Son.
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