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Drew Neely was a man who was possessed by a demon ultimately loyal to Abaddon.


The human Drew Neely was a member of a religious order in northern Ohio. In 2011, he was possessed by a demon who slaughtered Drew's family.

Season 10[]

In Black, Dean Winchester ends up stabbing both the demon possessing Drew and Drew with from The First Blade.

A week after Drew's death, Sam found a news report on his disappearance three years before. Sam realized that Drew was likely possessed by a demon and decided to look into his death in hopes of finding a clue towards Dean's location. Sam learned of Dean killing Drew, a friend of Cole Trenton sends Cole a picture from the security footage of Dean killing Drew, sparking Cole's own hunt for Dean.


Killed By[]

After getting Dean's location from Crowley, the demon possessing Drew Neely attacked him at a gas station with an angel blade to get revenge for the death of Abaddon. However, Dean was now a Knight of Hell and easily overpowered the demon, ultimately killing him with the First Blade.


  • On Drew's cellphone, his background picture is of the human Drew sitting on a motorcycle, presumably taken before his possession.
  • According to the gas station clerk, Mickey, the demon possessing Drew left his cellphone behind the toilet paper in the gas station bathroom.