Drew Neely was a man who was possessed by a demon ultimately loyal to Abaddon.


The human Drew Neely was a member of a religious order in northern Ohio. In 2011, he was possessed by a demon who slaughtered Drew's family.

Season 10Edit

In Black, Dean Winchester ends up stabbing both the demon possessing Drew and Drew with from The First Blade.

A week after Drew's death, Sam found a news report on his disappearance three years before. Sam realized that Drew was likely possessed by a demon and decided to look into his death in hopes of finding a clue towards Dean's location. Sam learned of Dean killing Drew, a friend of Cole Trenton sends Cole a picture from the security footage of Dean killing Drew, sparking Cole's own hunt for Dean.


Killed ByEdit

After getting Dean's location from Crowley, the demon possessing Drew Neely attacked him at a gas station with an angel blade to get revenge for the death of Abaddon. However, Dean was now a Knight of Hell and easily overpowered the demon, ultimately killing him with the First Blade.


  • On Drew's cellphone, his background picture is of the human Drew sitting on a motorcycle, presumably taken before his possession.
  • According to the gas station clerk, Mickey, the demon possessing Drew left his cellphone behind the toilet paper in the gas station bathroom.


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