Castiel visits Dean in a dream.

Dream Walking is the ability to communicate to someone through their dreams. Angels seem to solely resort to using this ability when they cannot locate a human or they wish to communicate privately.

While doing this, they can interfere with the dream and even manipulate it to their will. Although mainly a passive ability, it can be used offensively, if powerful enough it is possible for the user to trap a person in their own dreams, or even kill them from inside.

The version of this ability possessed by dreamwalkers is much more powerful than the version of the ability used by others. With dreamwalkers, they can visit alternate realities through dreams.

Characters with this ability

  • Angels:
    • Archangels:
      • Lucifer: Used this to communicate with Sam Winchester to reveal that Sam was his vessel and to tell him he would eventually say "Yes". He later used this to communicate with Rowena from the Cage, in order to obtain her help in getting out.
    • Seraphim:
    • Reapers:
      • Bobby's Reaper: He was able to talk with Bobby in his subconscious when he was in a coma.
    • Regular Angels:
      • Uriel: Communicated with Dean in order to try to force him to turn over Anna.
      • Castiel: Communicated with Dean to let him know to meet him secretly so he could tell him something important about the Apocalypse before becoming a seraphim.
      • Anna Milton: Appeared in Dean's dreams as she couldn't find him due to the branding on his ribs, in order to get them to meet so she could kill Sam and stop the Apocalypse.
      • Zachariah: Appeared in Adam's dream as he couldn't locate him since Castiel branded his ribs. Zachariah coerced Adam into giving him his location so he could bring him to the The Green Room and trap Dean to get his consent to Michael.
  • Demons:
  • Humans: (With use of African Dream Root)
    • Jeremy Frost: Powerful user of the ability, able to kill people in dreams and manipulate them to his own whims.
    • Sam Winchester: Used this ability through African Dream Root to save Bobby Singer. While in Dean's dreams, Sam was able to manipulate the landscape similar to Jeremy Frost to distract and kill him. Bobby Singer suggested this may be due to Sam's own psychic abilities but it is unlikely as Jeremy displayed a greater level of control than Sam did without psychic powers.
    • Dean Winchester: Dean used the ability to enter Bobby Singer's nightmare and wake him up. Unlike Sam, Dean never displayed the ability to alter the dreamscape he entered, merely enter and interact with the dream around him. Dean later used the ability to enter Charlie Bradbury's djinn-induced nightmare to wake her up when an antidote didn't work. By convincing Charlie to let go of her mother, the source of the fear the djinn poison was feeding off of, Dean was able to wake her up.
  • Djinns: Djinns are allowed to enter the dreams of their victims. They can also manipulate the dreams on a relatively impressive scale.
  • Baku: According to Bobby and Rufus, Baku are capable of inducing a terrible nightmare in their victims.
  • Dreamwalkers: While dreaming, dreamwalkers can use this ability to see into other worlds.


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