Drakopoulos was a Greek hunter who tangled with Zeus back in the day. He found out a ritual to trap and if needed, to kill Zeus.



He at some point, succeeded in trapping the Greek God, but it is unknown if he survived the encounter, as it was apparent that Zeus escaped from the trap. (Although if one were to enlarge the picture on the right, we can read that he claims to have slayed the mighty Zeus).

Drakopoulos wrote all his findings in his journal, which was then translated by the Men of Letters into English.

Season 8Edit


Translated findings of Drakopoulos.

The brothers were searching for a way to summon Zeus so that he would lift the curse off Oliver. Dean chanced upon Drakopoulos' journal which detailed a way to trap the deity. 

According to him, one would need the bone of his follower, frozen energy from the hand of Zeus (aka Fulgurite) and a stake made from a tree struck by lightning.



  • Drakopoulos, loosely translated into English refers to dragon's genitalia. But in Greek it is a commonly found surname and actually means the Dragon's Son, or Drakos' Son if Drakos is a name.
  • If we read carefully his journal translation, we can see if the "translation" is not properly typed (there are some typos).
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