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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.


The book with its page on summoning Eve missing.

This refers to a book that contained information on Purgatory and its inhabitants. It was under the possession of dragons when it was first found.


It is a book with a leathery yellow cover with a cord of similar material to keep it bound. According to Bobby, it originated around the fourteenth century. Its pages were made of human skin.


Its contents were written using a very obscure Latinate to describe a supernatural dimension most commonly known as Purgatory. It depicted the place as filled with blood, bone, and darkness. It also contained a ritual, or as Bobby described it, an "instruction manual", on how to open Purgatory, specifically to let Eve, the Mother of All, crossover into Earth.



Sam and Dean discover the book in the sewers.

It was in possession of dragons during their preparation for the crossing of Eve from Purgatory. Sam and Dean retrieved it from the sewers where the dragons were hiding. They then gave it to Bobby to find out its translated contents. It was never mentioned since and would easily have been destroyed when Bobby's house was burnt.


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