You boys ever messed with Dragon's Breath?
Terry shows off Dragon's Breath to Sam and Dean.
in Lebanon

The Dragon's Breath is an extremely volatile substance that upon contact with the air can create incredible flames.


At some point, the Dragon's Breath fell into the hands of Terry who added it to his extensive collection of occult items. When Sam and Dean Winchester visited his shop, Terry showed them the Dragon's Breath, but they weren't interested. After being exposed as the killer of hunter Bart Kemp, Terry attacked using the Dragon's Breath which gave Terry time to grab Chrysayor. However, Dean was able to shoot Terry dead while he was distracted by Sam.

After Terry's death, the Dragon's Breath fell into the hands of the Winchesters along with the rest of Terry's collection. As Sam looked over Terry's log book, Dean played with the Dragon's Breath and triggered it again in the process. On the way to the Men of Letters bunker, the Impala and the collection was stolen by Max, but it was later recovered by the Winchesters and successfully transported to the bunker.


The Dragon's Breath appears like a bottle of perfume. The Dragon's Breath comes in purplish liquid form, similar like methylated spirit. When sprayed, the liquid spray quickly volatilized and reacted with ambient air, generating incredible flame. Its application similar like a flamethrower.

The reaction between the Dragon's Breath substance with air was also quite terrible and produced a roaring sound effect similar to a dragon.

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